There are more data on a new sedan Mercedes C-class

There are more data on a new sedan Mercedes C-class

Leonid Popov, 21 hours ago. Photo: WCF

The new generation of sedan Mercedes C-class debuts in Detroit in January. The render of the edition Autocar drawn with an eye to spy shots of cars in camouflage. The design of the optics, grille and bumper C-class will be significantly overlap with the models, E, S and CLA.

C ледующая четырехдверка Mercedes C-class will receive wheelbase 2850 mm that as much as 90 mm longer than the previous model. In this way the Germans tried to stronger distance C-class sedan CLA. The recall base extends 2699 mm (that does not reach the current «цешки»), but that’s length is equal to 4630 mm So that the C-class from nose to tail will be around 4.7 M. the curb weight of the new model in average is 80 kg less than that of the previous C-class, for which we must thank the combination of the body structure of high-strength steel, aluminium and composite materials.

The company has released a video teaser without any explanations. Apparently, there are shown some details of the interior design and the fore part it is a sedan of C-class.

Let’s remind, the new model is based on the platform of the MRA (the same, that the new S-class) and will be presented in addition to the sedan bodies station wagon, лифтбек (he will get the name SportCoupe) and cabriolet. In addition, to be issued a coupe, which will return its index of CLK. About motors has previously said a lot, here we can only say that among them will be new and carried over from the predecessor. Gamma will extend from modest diesel and petrol «fours» with the return of the order of 130-170 HP and up to four — or пятилитрового V8 with two turbochargers (approximately 525 HP) AMG version.

It is known, that the novelty will be the largest display in its class and touchpad with intuitive operation «мультимедийкой». Also «цешка» got a decent list of the systems of safety and driver assistance systems, some of which will be borrowed from the S-class.

All of the engines, of course, will still be longitudinally, but are noticeably deeper within the database, than before. As the source will be offered six-speed «mechanics». The surcharge will go known «machine» 7G-Tronic, but with some motors on «цешке» appears and the new box 9G-Tronic about nine degrees. Drive back option.

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