Top sedan Infiniti will receive 700-strong power unit

Top sedan Infiniti will receive 700-strong power unit

Leonid Popov, 21 minutes ago. Photo: Infiniti

A series of quick Infiniti models in the coming years will reveal the serial version of the concept Q50 Eau Rouge. But the 560-horsepower sedan will be far not the most powerful chetyrehdverny brand.

And the building Automotive News got some details about the upcoming models of Infiniti. In 2015 the number of cars waiting for the scheduled update, but much more interesting that in 2016 will be on sale beginners — hatchback Q30 and crossover QX30. The serial version of a sports sedan Q50 Eau Rouge is expected in 2016 or 2017-m apparently, his powerful power-plant the car kept, but it will be a niche model. The release plan is about 500 pieces per year, and estimated price — about $100 000 (3,57 million rubles).

Yet in spring Sebastian Vettel led the prototype of serial Q50 Eau Rouge on track in Millbrook. Sorry, the company does not specify how much of its filling is different from the concept. The power plant has fully migrated from coupe GT-R. According to unofficial sources, that the Japanese will give two other small-scale and unnamed models. Perhaps it will be «charged» version of the coupe and convertible Q60 (former G37).

In the same 2016 crossover QX70 seriously updates. His appearance will result in compliance with the new sedan Q50. In 2017 or 2018 in the series will get an electric car LE. Finally, at about this time will be the most intriguing new: long-promised flagship supersedan, which put on the top of the model range. According to the latest information, chetyrehdverny will be Q80 or Q90, and in the version with the most powerful power unit — Q80 Eau Rouge or Q90 Eau Rouge.

The Japanese tailor the appearance of a new sedan based on the conceptual compartment Essence of 2009, that is the flagship of the brand will become cuiabana cityradio.

There is an assumption that supersedan Infiniti will give Mercedes platform MRA, although recently the head of Mercedes research and development Thomas Weber saidthat the company does not intend to share the MRA with anyone of the partners. A little more concrete aggregate. A younger version of top of the sedan will be equipped with a turbo V6 3.0 in combination with an electric motor. Their total capacity will make up 550 PS «Senior» modification will receive completely new «turbolaser» 3.7, again combined with an electric motor. Their combined capacity will reach 700 HP In both cases, the transmission will be all-wheel drive, borrowed from GT-R. the Initial price Q80/Q90 will be about $200 000.

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