Toyota has raised the prices of their models

Toyota has raised the prices of their models

Anastasia Korolkova, 24 hours ago. Photo Drive and Toyota

Cars off the Assembly line in January 2015, will be in the dealer network with a delay of two weeks to two months.

P the Russian car market after a short new year lull feverish again — the ruble continues to lose ground. As predicted by experts, a new wave of spiking prices have caught us in the middle of January. Toyota recently corrected the price list for the entire lineup. Everything is more expensive on a serious 20%. The Highlander crossover and is added 30% to the same price.

Verne himself was only the starting price for the SUV Land Cruiser 200. The list price on it, as before, starts with 2 999 000 rubles.

Welcome to the new reality. Now Highlander is from 2 317 000. The bestselling brand sedan Camry not buy less than 1 212 000 and crossover RAV4 will cost at least 1 208 000. With the popularity of Wenzu appreciated in 1 984 000 and SUV Land Cruiser Prado — 2 246 000 re (both in the basic configuration). For the convertible GT86 will have to pay at least 1 656 000, but remains the most accessible Corolla, its price tag starts from the 816 000 rubles

From 1 January 2015 the new head of the Russian representative office of the company Toyota was Mr. Hidenori Ozaki. Prior to that, he held senior positions in the departments of Toyota in Japan, Australia and the USA. Former chief of branch Takeshi isogaya returned home, where he will work on strategic planning and business development of the company in the markets of developing countries.

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