Toyota told about race novelties

Toyota told about race novelties

Leonid Popov, 7 hours ago. Photo: Toyota,,

In 2014, the company will support the team in several series of different levels: from the home Amateur driving experiences on the coupe 86 up to 24 hours of Le Mans.

To company Toyota has presented its car for the world championship of endurance race FIA WEC 2014 and, in particular, the Le Mans — TS040 Hybrid. The heir of the bolide TS030 Hybrid, which opened in 2012 hybrid theme in motorsports, received the body, as amended in accordance with the regulations of the 2014 (for example, width LMP1 cars this year decreased by 10 cm). But most importantly, now тойотовский car for Le Mans — all-wheel drive, like its rivals, the Porsche 919 and Audi R18 e-tron Quattro.

This diagram shows the location of the front motor, and rear hybrid unit. In the center of the drive on supercapacitors.

On the front axle of the new bolide installed electric motor from the company Aisin AW. He braking acts as a generator, and the energy is directed to the supercapacitors. Rear works petrol motor V8 (it’s new, but the details yet) paired with an electric motor DENSO, installed inside the gearbox. More details the company intends to disclose on March 28-29, the first official test session of the car. We also know that military vehicles will be the same pilots, which advocated the Toyota Racing previously: Alex Wurz, Nicolas Лапье, Kazuki Nakajima, Anthony Davidson, Sebastien Буэми and Stefan Сарразен. They were joined by test pilot Mike Conway.

21-23 January 2014 car TS040 Hybrid tested on the ring Paul Ricard. In March will take place the official session of the tests, where the «Japanese» to get acquainted with their future opponents — race cars from Germany.

In 24 hours nürnburgring company will be represented by cars GAZOO Racing Lexus LFA and GAZOO Racing Toyota 86.

The other part of the sports program of the Toyota include : continued participation in racing, NASCAR, Dakar, 24-hour nürnburgring and Japanese Championships Super GT and Super Formula. Body championship Super GT is particularly interesting because it will be a racing version of the coupe Lexus RC F that will fight with racing coupe Acura NSX and Nissan GT-R prepared, respectively, for a GT 500. By the way, season 2014 in Super GT races is important: rules and regulations for the GT500 class closer to the rules of the German automotive DTM championship. This step will allow to achieve greater synergy in the development GT500 cars and DTM and increases the chances of organization of joint races, perhaps, in 2017.

With civil machine shown a couple of weeks ago, RC F GT 500 makes little. And «shell» there own (all of the carbon-fiber composite), and motor another. If the road coupe engine V8 5.0, on the ring «instrument» — a two-liter petrol Quartet RI4AG with direct injection and turbo charging.

Journalists who visited the presentation of new cars, quote the words of Akio Тойоды: «While I am President, we will not be racing in F1. So, hope fans of return Toyota are not justified. But in this step right now and it would make more sense than ever. As from this year, the Formula-1 has passed on hybrid drive on the basis of turbo engine. Recall that the company left the Formula 1 in 2009, motivating its decision by a desire to cut costs. A year later, the former boss of тойотовской team Tadashi Ямасина said that one of the arguments against the participation in Formula 1 is the «large distance between her and ordinary drivers.» Mol, developing motor racing, the company is also testing technology, which gradually pass on traditional machines. And it was under this sauce (development and combat testing hybrid system) the company submits now the birth of лемановского car TS040 Hybrid. A strange twist of fate.

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