Track missile BMW M4 GTS should go through two years

Track missile BMW M4 GTS should go through two years

Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Photo: WCF, BMW

Coupe BMW M4 will be presented to public in January 2014 in Detroit.

D вухдверка BMW M4 somewhere in the beginning of 2016 will be complemented with a lightweight version designed for fans of track days, say insiders in the Department M. is Still unknown exactly what the alphabetic index to come up with this model, but it is possible that take past designation GTS. Certainly on track version Germans will raise the return of the motor. Recall, M4 it is equal to 430 PS, and on the GTS, presumably, will be 450-460 PS

In the previous generation «GM-third (body E92) oriented on track variation index GTS appeared at the end of 2009, approximately two years after the publication of a simple version двухдверки M3. Weighed this enhanced coupe 1490 kg, which was 110 kg less weight of the original model. Capacity of the motor V8 was raised to 450 HP (30 HP more than the source). Probably the same time lag of two years will continue in the new generation of the Bavarian coupe, who replaced the index with the «Troika» of the «four».

Create a lightweight version of the «em-fourth» will not be easy, because in it, the designers have already taken a lot of steps to reduce the curb weight. And yet, following the recipes of the past, the Bavarians try to overthrow the original sample more than one quintal. If M4 weighs less than 1.5 m, the M4 GTS should weigh significantly less than 1,4 so this is Achieved will be familiar by: a very simplified interior with light racing buckets (and only two seats in the cabin), the reduced soundproofing, removing unnecessary equipment. In addition, the coupe M4 GTS will instead of steel aluminium doors and more parts of the body made of carbon fibre (namely — the hood and fenders, in addition to the roof and trunk on the M4). Gear will hand. If all goes according to plan, M4 GTS will decorate the centennial anniversary of BMW, which the Germans will celebrate the March 2016.

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