Universal autopilot Audi will be put on stream

Universal autopilot Audi will be put on stream

Leonid Popov, 31 minutes ago. Photo: Audi

Block zFAS dimensions comparable with the tablet, but has a high computational power required for real-time processing of a plurality of images and signals with tens of sensors.

Ö Centralny controller driver assistance systems, including autopilot, called zFAS, the Germans created in cooperation with companies TTTech, Mobileye, nVidia and Delphi. Last and was appointed a major provider, which will start to produce this miracle of technology for Audi, when the unit will start in the series. Other project partners will provide separate processors, such as Mobileye EyeQ3 and nVidia Tegra K1. Audi intends to start the new thread within the next couple of years. This will pave the way for the introduction of advanced autopilots on production cars of the company.

The highlight of the development on behalf of zFAS is their versatility, modularity and scalability of the architecture.

Germans reported that the driver assistance (automatic braking or control of signs, retaining band) though and interact with each other, but rely on the computational power of spaced controllers. Unit zFAS you can physically reduce the entire Arsenal of security in one computer system, possessing the capacity to expand the functions. In this Association systems, Audi intends to become the first.

Meanwhile, a record voyage Delphi Drive from San Francisco to new York on Autonomous «ku-fifth». Recall that for the test conditions present in the vehicle engineers can intervene only when absolutely necessary. At the moment, the Delphi team without incident reached Durham (NC). The finish is scheduled for the third of April, the car will arrive at the international motor show.

Another interesting idea that can be implemented on the basis of zFAS, collective learning of Autonomous vehicles. The unit will continuously pass through the cellular LTE network settings of the environment and their own solutions. In a special cloud service other programs will analyze the reports from the hundreds of cars, matching and gaps and to develop recommendations on improving the algorithms driving. The modified software should also automatically loaded into the car. So over time, Autonomous passenger car with zFAS will grow wiser through both our own and others ‘ experience. We will add that soon the representative of the Drive go to test Autonomous Audi A7 hatchback.

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