Universal Jaguar XFR-S, and the R-Sport stood on the opposite pole

Universal Jaguar XFR-S, and the R-Sport stood on the opposite pole

Boris Ульзибат, 13 hours ago. Photo: Jaguar

The British long delayed the start of the model, as, in their own words, the development of «charged» machine in this body required a lot of rework, associated in particular with the rear suspension.

The ниверсалов lineup of the company Jaguar was a lot. But never before had the stocks of the plant in Coventry have really powerful пятидверки. But always this could not last, and means «hot barn» was destined to appear sooner or later. We have already seen test prototypes machine, but at that moment it was not clear, it will XFR or XFR-S. And finally the car officially presented. It became clear that the British departed from the accepted sequence of issue first 510-strong machine with an R, and only then 550-strong R-S. together with him showed eco-friendly line of machines called R-Sport.

In version XFR-S station wagon equipped with 20-inch forged discs and brakes with 386 mm at the front and 370 mm rear).

But let’s start with the most interesting. That is — with the hottest. In estate XFR-S we will see famous by the eponymous sedan propulsion system, comprising the motor V8 5.0 with the driver supercharger eight-step «automatic machine». The maximum power of the engine — old 550 PS, the level of 100 km/h machine reaches later the same 4.6 seconds. The main difference between the machines that пятидверке can easily accommodate 1673 l cargo. And then disperse sacks of potatoes or икеевский wardrobe up to 300 km/H.

Beauty hot wagon has traditional for R-S models skin texture under carbon.

To order a car with a remarkably heavy stern behaved correctly on the road, engineers changed the geometry of the rear suspension, reconfigure the spring and adaptive dampers, and also changed the program of the active rear differential and stabilization systems. In the design of пятидверки had to make and aerodynamic changes to reduce the lifting force. Including adding massive front splitter, side expressed «skirts», diffuser in the rear bumper, going far below the bottom of the car.

Back of the sofa in the universal Jaguar XFR-S is folded in the ratio of 60:40 and is equipped with a separate лючком for long vehicles.

«Brains» of the eight-step «automatic machine» trained to perceive driving style, driving conditions, recognize turns and overtaking, as the driver operates the gas pedal, and so on. On this basis, the control system adjusts the speed and the point of switching selects the switch up or down, or even hang at the present stage. With lowering the gear motor echoes gearbox automatic перегазовками.

Cars line R-Sport will receive special front bumper, side «skirts and rear spoiler. Disks with the diameter of 17 inches обуют in tires with reduced rolling resistance.

But the cars from the line-R-Sport, despite the name, are designed to be cost-effective, therefore, equipped with four-cylinder turbodiesel 2.2 and system start/stop. The latter is saturated from separate battery, so when you restart the engine functions of other systems of the car, fed from the main battery, are not violated. The system can also urgently restart the engine that has just started jamming, if the driver for some reason he changed his mind to stop. The first cars with the type plate — XF sedan and wagon. When will be on sale polar versions of the model XF, learn in Geneva.

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