Update: Lexus RC F reaffirmed the adherence of the Japanese atmospheric V8

Update: Lexus RC F reaffirmed the adherence of the Japanese atmospheric V8

Robert Есенов, 12 hours ago. Photo of the Drive and the company Lexus

External differences from the standard coupe catches the eye of new bumpers, grille with a mesh, four outlet connections and 19-inch forged rims of aluminium. Then you see the slots in the front «wings» and do you make of advanced arch.

D авненько company Lexus has not offered buyers the present coupe. To be precise, the last such vehicle came off the Assembly line in 2000. It was the Lexus SC coupe is a large rear-wheel drive двухдверка (almost 4.9 m) with engines V6 or V8 to choose from. And that’s the Lexus in the lineup again there was a coupe, although ideologically it is difficult to call the successor model SC. Even at the motor show in Tokyo showed двухдверку Lexus RC. And, as if making up over many years, the Japanese have not become tightening with the debut of «charged» versions of the RC F. Moreover, the creators have something to show and something to tell.

The Lexus coupe design RC F answered Yukihiro Ягути, who also did sedans Toyota Chaser and the Lexus IS F, coupe, Toyota Supra for all generations.

Unique design is designed for those who worthless merge with the gray mass of conventional cars. Besides the image of F-version significantly stronger than that of the standard coupe RC. This contributes to a mesh grille, higher hood, additional air intakes in the front bumper, advanced «wings» Quartet outlet pipes in the style of a sedan Lexus IS F. In addition, we promise a rather rigid body structure of high-strength steel and aluminium alloys, in which the applied laser and multipoint welding. Pendants — двухрычажка front and многорычажка back with gas termed one-pipe-absorbers. But this is just the calm before the storm.

The interior of the less shocking, from donor interior decoration of the F-modification differs only ковшеобразными seats, steering wheel (with reinforced rim, perforated leather trim and the letter F on the bottom pin), trim and center panel of carbon and aluminium overlays on the pedals.

And the storm is petrol V8 5.0, which the Japanese call new. Disingenuous. It is already familiar to the unit with the new program management (added the ability to work on the Atkinson cycle at cruising speeds), an improved exhaust system and Electromechanical actuators phasers instead of hydraulic. Power aluminum «eight» exceeds 450 forces. It’s more than a couple of the BMW BMW M3 and M4 are staffed 431-strong турбомоторами 3.0, and this is comparable with the impact coupe Mercedes C 63 AMG, whose engine V8 6.2 develops 457 «horses». Although the torque RC F inferior opponents — 520 N•m vs 550 and 600 N•m respectively.

Wheelbase coupe 2730 mm thinner than the sedan IS, and the silhouette of the heavy. It is difficult to escape the feeling that overhangs the coupe would be smaller.

Двухдверке Lexus RC F отрядят Brembo brakes (четырехпоршневые callipers with 380-millimetric disks on a forward axis) and eight-step «automatic machine», and all craving will go on the rear axle, which initially will be equipped with limited slip differential. The emergence of active suspension and all-wheel drive, you can not count, but for a fee you can get the active gearbox, with a variable thrust vector and three modes (standard, slalom and for the track). To our question about what kind of mechanism is used (such systems are Mitsubishi, Audi and BMW), the Japanese were asked to wait for test драйа serial coupe. They all tell.


Lexus SC coupe produced from 1991 to 2000 (double — Toyota Soarer). It was created for the North American market in defiance of such models like Honda Legend, Infiniti M30 and the Mercedes SL. The design Lexus SC answered California Studio. In sale first went version of the SC 400 with motor V8 (250-290 PS), and a year later — SC 300 (225 forces). At different times vehicles were equipped with «guns» with four or five ranges, as well as five-step «mechanics». Coupe length 4859 mm (after restyling — 4890 mm) weighed from 1581 to 1635 kg

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