Updated: concept coupe Opel GT has opened unusual doors

Updated: concept coupe Opel GT has opened unusual doors

opel gt concept
opel concept Konstantin Bolotov, 13 hours ago. Photo: Opel The car performed in a sculptural design and is intended to remind not only about historic GT-car, but also about the concept Opel Monza sample 2013. Red wheels — hi motorcycle Opel Motoclub 500. Spotlight matrix led IntelliLux.

To the company from Rüsselsheim decided not to wait for the premiere in Geneva and fully declassified concept Opel GT. He seems to be the sports car of the future, but has a gasoline engine three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI Turbo. The same engine is placed on Corso and Adam, in these models it produces 115 PS, 170 N•m Rear-wheel drive show car GT, weighs less than a ton, more powerful 145 HP, 205 N•m Acceleration to hundreds takes approximately 8.0 s, top speed 215 km/h. transmission is six-speed «sequentially» with shift paddles.

Extraordinary door Opel calls a «key innovation». They do not have handles. Opening up when you click on the touch pad, they are immersed in the wheel arches, after which the driver and passenger to access the «surprisingly spacious» cabin. Side mirrors replaced by cameras in the arches, the broadcast goes to two monitors.

The innovative patented design of the doors and apparently will appear on mass-produced models. The rejection of traditional outside mirrors — is a trend (the same path is, for example, BMW). Designers are so fond of creating clean, conservative appearance that «forgot» to do the trunk lid… On the prospects of the concept the Germans did not really say, they say, we will study the public reaction. But the fact that the Opel GT engine is at the front, with the offset inside the base, and the rear — in the Arsenal of the company there is no suitable platform for the production of a sports car with this layout. So, the show car should be called Experimental GT as a prototype in 1965. Now look at the salon.


The upper part of the front panel made of brushed aluminum. On its edges — round monitors that replace the mirrors. The driver’s seat «colored» and outlined in red.

In the interior there is no button or whirlings, because the interaction with the compartment occurs via voice control or (if he does not want) using the touch screen on the Central tunnel. Most importantly, within the conceptual Opel — the symbiosis of man and machine. Settled here artificial intelligence: a self-learning system Opel HMI learns the driver when he sits in a chair, keeps track of his mood, your driving style adapts to the needs and preferences. The car adapts to the owner, not Vice versa.

Three-spoke steering wheel without keys — a tribute to the legendary ancestor. The belt tensioners are similar to the dynamics, and must remember about red front wheels.

«What we’ve seen in science fiction movies is slowly becoming a reality,» say the Germans. Computer studies human beings, remembers every touch of the steering wheel, locks all settings in a few days, months, and years. As a result the Opel GT immediately picks up the correct route, temperature, music and so on. By the way, the actuator is regulated not only a bagel, but pedals with millimeter precision. The machine enters into a dialogue and gives «voice» warnings: «Be careful. Don’t forget, behind the motorcycle». In rüsselsheim argue that adaptive system Opel HMI is more than just a good friend, is a guardian angel on Board. Such, according to Opel, should be a dream car, sports car of the future. opel gt concept , opel concept

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