Updated Renault Duster will go on sale in mid-summer

Updated Renault Duster will go on sale in mid-summer

Anastasia Korolkova, 2 hours ago. Photo: Renault

Anfas SUV was transformed. How will changes in appearance on the price list, is still unknown. Now the most affordable Duster is 534 000.

P Actilingua crossover Dacia Duster shown two years ago at the motor show in Frankfurt. The car, which is sold under the brand Renault, survived the update just now. Unfortunately, the manufacturer had distributed pictures of SUV, but the technical details keeps secret. It is known that the Duster will go on sale in mid-summer.

Apparently, the lights will get led sections. Added and original rims. In addition, in the color scheme has a new color for the exterior (see photo).

From the related crossover Dacia Duster car Renault nameplates different grille. From the pre-reform machine that we sold, it varies bumpers and optics. In the cabin changed the steering wheel, the centre console and instruments. As follows from the release of the Russian office, «the car will get a new powerful engines and unique equipment». In addition, you will expand the list of options.

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