Updated: the Company Opel will show in Geneva, the successor to the GT

Updated: the Company Opel will show in Geneva, the successor to the GT

Leonid Popov, Konstantin Bolotov, 9 hours ago. Photo: Opel Classic Opel GT in different versions were produced from 1968 to 1973. The engines were 1.1 (67 HP) and a 1.9 (102 HP), not so bad at the time, considering a curb weight just 845 kg. G lava Opel Karl-Thomas Neumann said that in the spring at the Geneva motor show the company will present the show car, «you hardly expect from us». Insiders claim that it is the successor to the GT. Moreover, in ideological terms, not even the descendant of the Roadster GT 2006, as the successor of this legend — GT 1968. Indirectly this is evidenced by the fact that the Neumann recently bought such a rarity and even made it in the classic car rally Hamburg — Berlin.

Serial production Roadster Opel GT (2007 to 2009) was established in the USA, as the model on the GM Kappa platform was essentially a twin of the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky. All the trio came out from one Assembly line in Wilmington. Opel staffed with two-liter turbo engine capacity of 264 strength. It was released 7519 instances of GT.

«I am really curious if he liked you,’ said Neumann, ‘ and I hope you will be as enthusiastic as I am.» According to unofficial data, the base concept with the landing formula 2+2 is taken from the hatchback Astra, but it will be much more interesting (with some features borrowed from the show car Monza). Insiders say, no external similarity to the Astra won’t be here. The production version of the car should keep up by 2018. It will present a range of turbo engines with power up to 300 HP, and the price of the basic version will be approximately 25 000 euros.


In the first video-teaser starred himself, Karl-Thomas Neumann. The phrase he says, can be translated as: «You look at other Opel eyes». Please note that the rear lights are made in the form of a combination of the letters GT.

Official confirmation came from Rüsselsheim 14 January 2016. In the short video follows that the Opel GT concept shown will indeed be the third in March in Geneva. In the explanation video for the upcoming premiere of the sports car is named after the breathtaking sensation and the next step of philosophy of sculptural design. Another teaser will arrive on January 21. opel gt opel concept opel geneve2016

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