Updated: the Concept nanoFlowcell Quantino said 1000 km course

Updated: the Concept nanoFlowcell Quantino said 1000 km course

Leonid Popov, 17 hours ago. Photo: nanoFlowcell

Judging by the low roof, we are waiting for something like a mixture of a hatchback with coupe. The authors of the concept described the model as «city boy». Unusual proportions are underlined insanely large for compact wheels with a diameter of 22 inches.

L interstincta company nanoFlowcell, is able not only to reshape once a model is developed. After a small pause after the announcement tysjacheletnego electric supercar Quant F, the firm said it would bring at the auto show in Geneva is a real surprise. This, as it turned out, quite a small car, just 3,91 m in length. It is called Quantino (manufacturer prefers a more catchy writing — QUANTiNO).

In motion new lead four 25-kilowatt motor that allow the car to accelerate to 200 km/h and more. It also became known that the cabin is made according to scheme 2+2.

As expected, the firm nanoFlowcell again applied his key development — streaming electrochemical battery, at times surpassing lithium in specific capacity. The energy stored in two tanks with ionic liquids that are pumped through streaming battery which react, producing a current. The same fluid change their composition during the opposite process — charging from the mains. Supply of electricity on this concept lacks more than 1000 km. None of serial electric car is not even close indicator.

In Switzerland, the innovators will be exhibiting three of the car. In addition to the pairs mentioned on the show in Geneva will be back and last year’s Quant E (photo).

Hundreds of professionals nanoFlowcell continues to work on the transformation of Quanta in the serial product. Including I have a dream to make and serial Quantino. If you succeed, the market will be electric cars, with previously unseen mileage per charge.

The company wants to expand production of its machines in parallel in Europe and in the United States. Appears if nanoFlowcell major partner of the automotive industry — is unclear. Directly no one says about it. On the contrary, the creators of the concepts complain that many nodes Quanta — industry fundamentally new. Order them where something is impossible, you will have to organize themselves. However, it is hardly by chance your research center (pictured above), which was built newbie Quant F, Liechtenstein firm erected in the German Visage, almost side by side with the technical centre Porsche.

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