Updated: the Concept of a Land Rover Discovery Vision will become transparent

Updated: the Concept of a Land Rover Discovery Vision will become transparent

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Land Rover sportcar2014.com

The new system should help the driver when Parking in tight spaces or maneuvering in rough terrain.

In as a «preview» of the new SUV Land Rover Discovery will deliver the concept of Discovery Vision that the British would bring on the auto show in new York next week. The model of the next generation will be based on the same aluminum platform, as the large Range Rovers and, in theory, to significantly overlap with them in software. What special chips will receive the serial car, is still unclear. But on the show caret debuts experimental system Transparent Bonnet, which makes the hood of the car «transparent».

The system is based on a simple principle: the camera on the grille remove the road in front of the machine and the projector on windshield displays the image so that it is identical in size to the engine. If the proportions are correct images you can achieve the effect of the disappearance of the nose of the car.

The complex Transparent Bonnet can be applied to so-called advanced or augmented reality over which engineers in several countries have been working hard for the past ten years, with regard to the most diverse areas. On the same principle, for example, the doctor can see the internal organs of a patient, a virtual image of which are semi-transparent glasses-displays will be carefully combined with the actual field of view Medica (get the effect of a «transparent skin»). For aircraft of a similar system was suggested as a transparent cockpit», which was used to cruise the car near the earth (the effect of the disappearance of sex).

When viewing video reasonable question arises : how correctly the system will operate under different terrain and with different body color of the car.

In the system Transparent Bonnet together with the image of the road, the computer puts the hood and virtual image of the front wheels with the angle of rotation. When this system will reach the series, it will become a logical continuation of the current camera-helpers, showing a space before the bow machine just on the center console. Unfortunately, the timing of introduction of Transparent Bonnet developers do not say like and how will it ever exactly Discovery or is that an option for the more expensive Range Rover.

The debut show-Kara April 16, 2014. Until then, we propose to consider the very fuzzy teasers.

In videotizer the creators of the show-Kara made the emphasis on the interior. Its possibilities for transformations will grow, and the finish will be more expensive and more effective, center console will process in a simple, minimalist style.

Gerry McGovern, Director of design Land Rover, said: «the Discovery has played a key role in the development of the brand Land Rover. This luxury SUV many fans around the world. New, exciting and modern concept Discovery Vision reflects the idea of a future generation of Land Rover Discovery, which will never leave customers indifferent neither today nor in the future.»

The next Land Rover Defender will be drawn with respect to the concept of DC100, but still it should not be too smooth.

Recall that and Defender in the next generation uses the same «cart», and that Discovery. Besides, the British had previously stated that off-road ability Discovery will grow. It turns out that to separate the two very similar models in different niches of the market have largely because of the size, equipment and characteristic for each machine appearance. «Defender»will retain the external brutality and utility, but angular Discovery will change radically. «Premium SUV for active rest» (as the manufacturer defines the product) will become much more sleek and elegant than the predecessor.

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