Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan stronger distanced from hatchback

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan stronger distanced from hatchback

Leonid Popov 19 minutes ago. Photo: Volkswagen

Serial субкомпактвэн Golf Sportsvan the view is almost indistinguishable from the sample shown in September of last year, even though he was considered the concept.

N аследник model Golf Plus last year shown in the status of the concept, stood on the conveyor. High Golf Sportsvan a kind of compromise between a compact пятидверкой and very spacious generalist. And the people who peresevshie in субкомпактвэн of the hatchback will notice that another type of body the family of the «seventh» of Course added not only space above the head (this is not difficult to guess, coming up to the car), but the supply of space in the legs rear passengers. Yes and trunk volume, compared with hatchback, grew significantly. So compared with its predecessor, Sportsvan even stronger distanced himself from the hatchback is demonstrated by the final passport characteristics.

Wheelbase Спортсвэна equal 2685 (+48 mm to normal Golf), length — 4338 (+83), width — 1807 (+17), height — 1578 mm (+126 mm). Despite a smaller length in comparison with generalist Golf Variant (4562 mm)operating weight субкомпактвэн almost caught up to the wagon, and in some versions can with him and compete. So c engine 1.4 TSI and «robot» compact MPV to suck 1409 kg, whereas a similar Option weighs about 1350-1370 kg

At the time of launch vehicle received petrol motors 1.2 TSI (85 PS), 1.4 TSI (150 PS), as well as diesel engines 1.6 TDI (110 HP) and 2.0 TDI (150 PS), which are combined with the «mechanics» (the five or six-speed depending on the motor) or «robot» DSG (six or seven assists). As in other Socks, design of the rear suspension Спортсвэна depends on impact: versions with the engine up to 110 PS inclusive put скручиваемая beam, and more powerful — многорычажка.

Due to selection of other fabrics and materials, design and furnishing (for example, front seats with 14 adjustment), the company tries to present субкомпактвэн as a more luxurious variation of the Course.

The seats of the second row regulated in the longitudinal direction. Range of motion in 18 cm allows you to vary the volume of the Luggage in the five-seat configuration from 500 up to 590 l (the normal Course, as a reminder, 380 l, while the wagon — 605 l). When the rear seats folded Golf Sportsvan ready to take on Board 1520 l bundle (the hatchback, the figure is 1270 l, while the wagon — 1620 years).

Junior diesel engine with five-speed «mechanics» — the most economical option in the line: he spends a 3.9-4.1 l/100 km in the combined cycle. And the most dynamic Sportsvan — with «senior» gasoline engine. From zero to hundreds and it will accelerate 8.8 (regardless of the type of transmission) and develops a top speed in 212 km/H. depending on The modification, fuel consumption compared with its predecessor model, decreased by 19%, thanks, obviously, and new engines and a new platform. Pre-orders for the Sportsvan company accepts since December 2013, but actually in the sale of the homeland of the car is delivered in early spring. The starting price is 19 625 euros. The terms of release of the model in Russia have not yet been defined, but it is known that machine until we will reach not earlier than the second half of the year.


Субкомпактвэн Golf Plus, appeared in 2004. It was founded on the Golf fifth generation and, consequently, the platform PQ35. In spite of stylistic similarity, General body panels them a little, and the interior was covered. Moreover, unlike the hatch, субкомпактвэн received standard led taillights. In length (4206 mm) Golf Plus only a couple of millimeters surpassed hatchback Golf, and their wheelbases (2578 mm) were equal, but the height difference reached 10 cm (1580 against 1479 mm). Due to a more vertical landing managed to freer accommodate passengers. Golf Plus was equipped with petrol and diesel engines in volume from 1,2 to 2,0 l capacity from 75 up to 170 PS

In 2006 on the basis of the Golf Plus is created псевдовнедорожная version CrossGolf. Clearance has been increased by a couple of inches, and the outside perimeter appeared unpainted plastic. However, has only the front. The 2010 model survived the CrossGolf restyling.

In 2008, with the advent of the «sixth» Course, субкомпактвэн Golf Plus was redesigned but a new generation of his call did not become, as changes were of a purely cosmetic nature. The car received a new headlights, grille, front bumper, standard roof rails and the improved instrument panel.

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