Volkswagen improved compact MPV Caddy BlueMotion

Volkswagen improved compact MPV Caddy BlueMotion

Leonid Popov, 16 hours ago. Photo: Volkswagen

The beginner will be released with a short wheel base in the cargo version with blank rear Windows, as a panel van version of the Kombi, as well as passenger in two trim levels (Startline and Trendline).

To омпактвэн Caddy in the new, the most economical version, Volkswagen will present at the автосмотринах in Frankfurt. Technically very similar to the new Caddy BlueMotion sample 2010: there are 1.6 TDI turbodiesel with 102 «horses», a system of start/stop and energy recovery. But revision control system of the engine, the underestimation of the suspension on 27 mm, tyres with low rolling resistance and streamlined wheel covers helped to reduce the average fuel consumption per liter.

Standard equipment, Caddy BlueMotion includes cruise control and a system of assistance in starting up the hill.

Now the commercial version Caddy BlueMotion spends 4.5, passenger — 4.6 l/100 km (equal spends the new diesel Ford Tourneo Connect.) While in comparison with diesel Caddy without fuel saving technologies difference in fuel consumption is altogether 1.1 liters per hundred kilometers. With regard to the volume of the tank in 60 liters of new Caddy BlueMotion able to go without refueling over 1300 kilometers.

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