Volkswagen will invest a record amount in a Spanish production

Volkswagen will invest a record amount in a Spanish production

Anastasia Korolkova, 34 minutes ago. Photo: Audi

Every third car Volkswagen made in Spain. The factories in Martorell and Navarre last year made a total of 748 400 cars.

In ITsE-President of Volkswagen group sales the other day said that the Germans are planning to invest up to 2019 4.2 billion euros in its plant in Spain. Investments in automotive industry will be the largest in the history of this country. The money will go to the development of the Volkswagen factories in Navarre and the Seat in Martorell. It is about the expansion and modernization of production.

The current generation model Audi A1 (pictured) collected at the factory in Belgium. After the production of «ones» will take in Spain, in Belgium, will adjust the production of electric cars.

Now in Spain mainly produce the SEAT brand, which belongs to Volkswagen. The exception is the SUV Audi Q3, which is produced in Martorell. In addition, in Navarre until recently collected hatchbacks Volkswagen Polo, which were exported throughout Europe. Now it became known that the new generation hatch Audi A1, which should see the light in 2018, will also rise on the conveyor of the enterprise in Martorell.

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