Volkswagen will revive the Roadster to play Gran Turismo

Volkswagen will revive the Roadster to play Gran Turismo

Leonid Popov, 22 hours ago. Picture: Volkswagen

Stated that grip in the new answer 20-inch tires (235/35 front and 275/30 rear) and that to the land of Dogdore have to snuggle up by developed splitter, cone and wing.

F estival GTI on the shores of lake Werther-se is a traditional platform for presenting various show-cars Volkswagen, and at the same time and under the control of the Volkswagen brand. This year the rally will be held from 28 to 31 may. Now you can look at some of the cars debut in Austria. The brightest and, alas, very far from reality — GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo created for the game Gran Turismo6.

Unusual Roadster should fall from automotriz in the game, but known and reverse the situation. So, before the release of serial seventh Corvette its creators launched coupe still the same Gran Turismo, and in camouflage, so as not to reveal the secrets of the image.

Many automakers original designs virtual model specifically for popular games. They worked so well that, sometimes, just begging for life. And then the companies make games cars in real show cars. It happened, for example, coupe, Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. His fate was not typical for the machine, originally invented for game consoles. In December last year, the us company J&S World Wide Holdings announcedthat it will release AMG Vision Gran Turismo edition of five pieces.

On the following pictures appearance of the concept is somewhat different. Have a little bit to wait to see the final version.

But back to Volkswagen. While developers have presented only sketches, but in Austria have to debut the car in the flesh. In its interior the hidden unit VR6 TSI 3.0 twin-turbo — we will not see anywhere else except in the game (well, and in such shows-cars). In the virtual world, there are no restrictions on fuel consumption and harmful emissions. So the engineers tried: 503 «horses» and 665 N•m sent to the seven-step «robot» DSG and next to a system of full drive 4Motion.

Cockpit GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo will be divided into two parts.

Other expected in Austria show cars need to remember 525-strong «lighter» clubsport quattro Audi A3 and the car Seat Ibiza Cupster, deprived not only of top, but the windshield. And there will be presented the creation of young people undergoing training in technical professions in the Volkswagen. This young specialists in mechatronics, interior design, painting, metal work and so on. They were given the task on its own interpretation Golf GTI Performance. The project Wörthersee GTI is an attempt to create something interesting and bright with the maximum possible involvement of serial components available within the Volkswagen group.

Students involved in the project, from 18 to 23 years. Helped them senior specialists of company Volkswagen. Actually, the main task is not to put Werther see car show, and send a group of promising guys knowledge and experience of veterans of production.

Perhaps, at the meeting of the GTI will appear and the «Beijing» show car Golf R 400. Some time ago it was announced plans to bring a car to the series. But the other day out of the mouth of insiders sounded veiled denial: «flow er-four» will not end until, until you have overcome «financial impact of engineering changes». It, for example, about the necessity of selection of the box»robot»that could withstand high torque (450 N•m). In the show-caret constructors after a number of throwing stopped at the «mechanics». It seems that the problem is far-fetched: the appropriate units in the Arsenal of the concern there. Another thing is that clear positioning expensive 400-strong Golf is a big problem. Because his perspective was not different from the student perspective projects that will show in Austria: it will remain a concept.

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