Volvo has announced the release of new motors

Volvo has announced the release of new motors

Leonid Popov, 15 hours ago. Photo: Volvo

Model Volvo S60 T6 with than two-liter «four», equipped with combined blowing, currently the most powerful variation updated model. From 0 to 100 km/h it is accelerated in 5.9 seconds.

W Veda told about the imminent exit of new motors fresh line Drive-E. In particular, sedan Volvo S60 index T6 is now equipped with a 2.0 engine with direct injection of fuel, mechanical supercharger and turbocharger. Return such a unit is equal to 306 PS Combined with a new восьмиступенчатым «automatic». According to Derek Крабба, Vice-President of Volvo power plant, updated четырехдверка is the first model in its segment, which offers the ratio of power and CO emissions2 higher than 2 HP per gram. Officially measured reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the European combined cycle is her 149 g/km, which corresponds to the consumption of 6.4 l/100 km

Diesels Drive-E the first in the world have a feedback system that controls the actual parameters of injection each nozzle individually.

Diesel version named S60 D4 equipped with a new engine with 181 «horse» and «mechanics». This car has the best in the class of emission of CO2 — just 99 g/km, which means the combined fuel consumption of 3.8 l/100 km is the Key to such excellent indicators — самоадаптирующаяся system i-Art, which enables to dose fuel supplied in cylinders, with unprecedented precision. Each nozzle has built-in pressure and temperature sensors and a private managing same chip. By the way, the injection pressure is up to 2500 bar. «This breakthrough is comparable with our invention lambda probe for the catalytic Converter in 1976,» said Derek Crabb.

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