Wagon allroad Audi prologue will be the leader of the hybrids in Shanghai

Wagon allroad Audi prologue will be the leader of the hybrids in Shanghai

Leonid Popov, 4 hours ago. Photo: Audi

The all terrain Prologue not only more ground clearance, but also a new bumper, 22-inch wheels. Appeared the roof rails. Compared with the previous concept named prologue Avant new higher at the withers is 77 mm. the Main thing hidden inside is a modified powerplant.

With the eriya concept cars Audi prologue (coupe and sedan) are interesting for us, as it heralds the stylistic changes in sedan A8 and hints at the future of the flagship A9. So when it became known about the appearance in Shanghai model prologue number three, we (and only we) thought about the sedan. But no. The newcomer was a wagon terrain allroad Audi prologue.

The prologue hybrid allroad charging from the wall outlet. And here I just installed a new wireless charging system AWC (Audi wireless charging). The company plans to introduce her to the series on their hybrids.

«Third,» prologue — not just a raised station wagon in the all terrain kit. If the first concept was powered by a 605-horsepower gasoline «Turbomachinery», second — 455-horsepower hybrid setup based on a three-liter turbodiesel, now in the bowels of show car-the combination of these two predecessors: engine V8 4.0 TFSI twin turbo, the electric motor integrated into the eight-speed «automatic» Tiptronic and, of course, all-wheel drive Quattro.

Salon show car generally follows the predecessors, but differs in the selection of colors (dark blue Lifestyle Blue in the upper part of the front panel and brown Sard Brown on the bottom) and materials (Unicum leather, Alcantara, fine-grained ash veneer).

The total return of the hybrid system — 734 HP and 900 N•m. It allows the car length 5,13 m (this is the longest of the three Prologues take place first hundred for 3.5 s. the capacity of the traction battery is equal to 14.1 kWh. It allows one electric drive 54 km Due to this passport average fuel consumption in the giant 2.4 l/100 km.

The entire front panel is reserved for displaying information (combined there are three display). And on the tunnel next to the driver — rising thin screen for organic light emitting diode OLED for audio control, reclining seats, climate control and text entry. Similar have rear passengers — they can set the «climate» in their part of the cabin. The inhabitants of the second number of the vehicle on the mobile phone recognizes, immediately setting up all the systems for them.

Another piece of news from Audi is linked with the Chinese market. In 2012 the company created the concept of the A6 L e-tron is a hybrid based on the extended specifically for the Chinese «and » sixth». On the Shanghai auto show debut the production version, which will be produced in China at a joint venture FAW-Volkswagen, respectively, in China and sold (2016).

Sedan A6 L e-tron can be recharged from a household outlet for eight hours, and from new two-phase system with a capacity of 7.2 kW — two hours.

The hybrid is based on the «turboservice 2.0 TFSI (211 HP, 350 N•m) and built-in «automatic» motor (91 kW, 220 N•m). Drive front here. Total return — 245 HP and 500 N•m model Weighs a considerable two tons, but the dynamics are satisfactory to 8.4 with up to hundreds. The top speed is electronically limited to 210 km/h. the Battery is the same capacity as in the Prologue, of 14.1 kWh, and the lack of stock on the 50 km course. Combined fuel consumption is, like all hybrids, rechargeable from the mains, small — 2.2 l/100 km On electricity and gasoline in the amount of this sedan can run 880 km.

Before us is the first production Audi, combining four-wheel drive, hybrid installation type plug-in and the TFSI engine.

New Audi Q7 e-tron 2.0 TFSI quattro is a purely Asian modification «ku-seven». Technically it is close to the hybrid that will be sold in Europe. But if there is it is based on the three-liter diesel engine, an option for China, Singapore and Japan has a petrol unit. The combined impact of this system is equal to 367 HP and 700 N•m sprint from zero to hundreds of takes the novelty 5.9 s, and the maximum speed is equal to 220 km/h.

Regular rims for Q7 e-tron 2.0 TFSI quattro is a 19-inch, — by 20 inches. The machine is equipped with a wide range of driver assistance systems. Standard tidy is a digital-based screen with a diagonal of 12.3 inches, which in a conventional «ku-seventh» — option.

Hybrid crossover has received a capacious lithium-ion battery liquid cooling — 17,3 kW•h. This is slightly less than some electric cars. Moreover, from a powerful charger to replenish the supply of energy in just 2.5 hours. And reserve that lasts for 53 kilometers in pure electric mode. If to take into account the tank, the total mileage grows up to 1020 km an Outstanding option for a diesel SUV with a length of over five meters. Average fuel consumption is 2.5 liters/100 km on sale In Asia this version of the Q7 will arrive in 2016.

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