We derive the Chevrolet Tahoe from Neftchilar Avenue in mountain

We derive the Chevrolet Tahoe from Neftchilar Avenue in mountain

Vladimir Guryanov, 1 day ago. Photo Drive and the company Chevrolet

The new Chevrolet Tahoe is from 3 450 000 rubles for the initial version of LT to 3 850 000 rubles for the LTZ variant with adaptive shock absorbers and separate seats of the second row.

With Lona down the street I once drove: pushing through the densely built-up Normandy village Cadillac Escalade was aroused among the French, as I thought, ironic reverence. With the platform SUV Chevrolet Tahoe new generation we meet in Azerbaijan, closer to the oil fields, which have made this car-mount still exists. The polished prospect of Oil workers in Baku «American» has no shortage of living space. Flashy, chromed and lacquered — should I pay for Escalade?

The main difference in equipping Tahoe — in the absence of the «base» adaptive suspension, which is only the top version, and having to downshift, no way Cadillac deprived regardless of the configuration.

Technically, both models are quite similar: same body, same engine. Classic Tahoe 355-horsepower V8 engine 5.3 on our market replaced with «eight» 6.2 power 409 forces. Russian officials say GM, so reliable, saying that the owners are not averse to drag boats on carriages. As in previous Tahoe with Escalade, the wheel here strongly shifted to the right relative to the seat, instrumentation — more to the right, so tracking their testimony, have to squint. In Cadillac is partially neutralized by digital scales that can be rearranged at your discretion, but you have to get used to.

Compared to Tahoe in past generations this interior is a giant step forward. Finish easier than in a Cadillac, the tree is very much plastic.

Analogue scale informative digital devices in Cadillac — 1:0 in favor of Chevrolet. For retractable touch screen — the secret stash. The modes of transmission remain out of the rotating arm to the left of the steering wheel.

Driving impressions similar to capillaroscopy. The increased capacity can complain only because of tax reasons, she doesn’t seem excessive. It seems to be a hundred with the car weighing over 2.5 tons of gaining 6.8 with! But mad cravings hides paratrechina and dampened the pedal: any way to step, the initial delay can not be avoided. The benefit of the «machine» works quickly and smoothly. Needed in sport mode the transmission there, and click on the poker hand stalk-selector if you wish, you can switch manually or set the range limit.

Chic, brilliance, beauty! Wheels with tires 285/45 R22, as in the photo, option. Initial version based on 18-inch and the base for top models- in two more inches. Footrests modification LTZ, come out from under the threshold by using the actuator.

Unlike Cadillac’s adaptive Magnetic Ride dampers are not at all modifications Tahoe, and only on the top — in the «base» suspension usual, and she literally lulls riders. Disconnect the sway, of course, impossible, and massive Tahoe responds to the topography of the road, and even in crosswinds. To mitigate individual roughnesses still capable SUV, but if more than two pits in a row — starts dancing: playing Gidropark body, rear axle hops, beat off a tap dance wheels. Passengers feel it is sharper than the driver and are looking for additional points of support, the benefit of handle is not only on the ceiling but also on the racks.

Front seats with ventilation (the top version), in my opinion, do not differ from cadillacsa, except that the skin is rougher. Separate rear seats — privilege LTZ trim (instead, you can leave and sofa).

The drive to Tahoe on open spaces — a flight in a buzzing cloud. On a narrow road sensors registers markings and the driver’s seat vibrates loudly.

Suspension Magnetic Ride better passive damping vibrations of the unsprung masses, and the progress of the Tahoe with this chassis noticeably softer. With a quiet ride, he reminds the tourist bus. But unlike Cadillac’s have electronically controlled suspension Chevrolet there are no fixed modes, and the only possible option Auto not enough pitching in the rough to win completely. Passengers think that talking back smaller than the front, but it is necessary to accelerate, they get motion sickness and there.

At speeds Tahoe follows the profile of the asphalt in any order: Cadillac on low-profile tires was collected.

Gallery — baby. Head over to a lot of air, but the high floor forces you to stretch felled by a knee in the back. Both rows of rear seats fold electrically.

Handling on Azerbaijani roads that are rich in turns with sharp bends, is not for the faint of heart. You come in like this at the speed of 60-70 km/h, the suspension first selects the compression stroke, and when posted on the rebound, time machine moves to the side. Captures the spirit not only dangling weightlessly passengers and the driver. And the «adaptive» Tahoe during unloading no longer restores the connection on the steering wheel, you turn it late on obviously wider than I would like, path. To Tahoe on a road like that without errors, you need to have the Navigator of the transcript and ask the elephant’s direction to the top.

Rocky road — test for the adaptive suspension. Increasing the smoothness, Magnetic Ride «clouding» the wheel.

On the armrest slot for induction charging, which is now support, for example, smartphones such as LG, Nexus, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy S6. Located on the ceiling remote control garage door works on the Russian frequencies.

Even on the plain turns at Tahoe pass — SWAT them aside from lock to lock a hefty handlebar is almost three and a half turns. Spaced across the width and height of a pedal train the right leg, and behind a thick stand of the windshield to see the trajectory, we have to shake your head. In General, I would have supplemented the basic equipment of this model is a major reminder «It’s a truck!», so no one thought to approach it from the automobile yardstick.

Diagonal hanging for a Tahoe is not a problem. Permeability restricts the geometry of the body. Soft unpainted front bumper skirt painlessly bends at a right angle to both sides — the borders it is not terrible.

For the road going into the mountains. Easy climb (nine degrees OBC), walking speed. Feasting his eyes let go of the gas the car stops and then, in «drive», rolls ago. Interesting! This we had with the new Passat, but then don’t double clutch «robot», and the usual «automatic». Picking up speed, the SUV suddenly switches off the engine, leaving me without the help of a vacuum brake booster. Jump on the brakes with both feet. Phew!

Elephant at the waterhole. Happen to be stuck for evacuation will need a powerful tractor. The exact mass of the Russian Tahoe is unknown, but the American counterpart GMC Yukon with this engine weighs 2624 kg.

The main disadvantage of the trunk — large loading height. When riding all seven (according to the passport, to sit here eight, I have no idea) places for things.

Clarification from techies Chevrolet we have not yet received. Perhaps the fact that the torque Converter «machine» transmits torque in both directions — Tahoe and when rolled back on the crankshaft, rotating at idle, have any counter point that increased speed and eventually killed the engine. Empirically, I found that with the included «panagakou» and blocked clutch front wheel rollback in a similar situation does not occur.

After preservation of the plant in St. Petersburg screwdriver Assembly Tahoe for Russia established near Minsk. Last year we sold 766 Tahoe and 359 Escalado. The plans for the current year the Russian representation GM did not disclose.

Not in size, fast, rolls, clumsy… In the usual understanding of a set of qualities are unlikely to be attracted, but the power of Tahoe in size and monumental appearance. In the cabin it is time to roll out a rolled map, not to poke at the touch screen! Therefore, rivals Chevrolet time… and a handful. It is in America Cadillac is a more powerful alternative, but in Russia the engine they have now one. Therefore, the selection of Cadillac is the exchange downshift to a luxurious interior with more comfortable suspension with surcharge 890 000-1 630 000.

Passport data

Model Chevrolet Tahoe
The body
Body type wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/7–8
Length, mm 5182
Width, mm 2045
Height, mm 1891 (with roof rails)
Wheelbase, mm 2946
Track front/rear, mm 1739/1745
Curb weight, kg n. a.
Full weight, kg 3311
Trunk volume, l 433-1461-2682
The engine
Type gasoline direct injection
Location front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 8, the V-shaped
The number of valves 16
Working volume, cm3 6162
Max. power, HP/rpm 409/5500
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 610/4100
Gearbox automatic, six-speed
Drive plug full
Front suspension independent, spring, double-wishbone
Rear suspension dependent, spring, five-link with Panhard rod
The front brakes ventilated disc
The rear brakes ventilated disc
Tires 265/65 R18 or 275/55 R20
Ground clearance, mm 200
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 180
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 6,8
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 18,3
— extra-urban cycle 10,6
— combined 13,4
Emissions standard Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 98,4
Fuel AI-95


Chassis Tahoe retained dvuhrychazhku front and beam axle rear, but its rear suspension has been widened and its transverse thrust in the place of attachment to the frame got a ball support, designed to improve the accuracy of responses. The Magnetic Ride Control dampers of the third generation working together with the ABS and electric power steering, and the viscosity of the magnetorheological fluid is changed to 40% faster, up to 1,000 times per second. Brake discs (pictured site splatterpunk GMC Canyon) additionally pass the nitrocarburizing to increase resistance to wear and corrosion.

Body is based on ladder-type frame. The hood and rear door — aluminum. The red lights are programmed deformation zones. As in the related Escalade, between the front seats hid Central airbag, one of seven set in the «base».

At the core of the engine L86 (aka EcoTec3) family of Small Block V8 — unit LT1 coupe, Corvette and Camaro, adapted for heavy SUVs and pickups. The fifth generation of these motors GM develops since 1992, although nizhnevolga architecture traces its history at all since the 1950s. Distinctive features of the L86 engine — direct injection, variable capacity oil pump and upgraded the system switches off cylinders, which triggered more often, but still smoother.

Hydromechanical «automatic» GM Hydra-Matic 6L80, known from previous Tahoe, got two shoulders button TapShift manual control, but next year will be replaced by a ten-stage gearbox. Instead of the asymmetric center differential drive front wheels now manages the electromagnetic coupling with the possibility of positive locking. With regard to reduction gearing in the transmission provides four modes: rear-wheel drive is automatically connected full, 4Hi with «bogatoi» clutch and 4Lo reduced with activated next. Back «samoblok» — the basic equipment.


In the huge family of «trucks» base model has historically been a Chevrolet Suburban, and the closest relative he had a more expensive SUV GMC (in different years — GMC Suburban Carrier, GMC Carryall or simply GMC Suburban).

The history of full-size SUVs Chevrolet begins in 1933 with vans for the National guard of the United States. Two years later came the first Chevrolet Carryall Suburban. The name of the Suburban became a household word and meant body type: glazed «wagon» on the chassis rear-wheel drive commercial trucks (four-wheel drive appeared only in 1957). Almost all American brands then had my Suburban — GM acquired the exclusive rights to that name until 1988, when production was already the eighth generation model!

Chevrolet K5 Blazer (1969-1972 and 1973 and 1991), a direct ancestor Tahoe, produced parallel models Suburban for General flatbed truck C/K with a closed and an open three-door body, full or rear-wheel drive and with a variety of engines to choose from: row «six» 4.1, Assembly V8 6.6, 6.2 diesel…

The three-door 1992 (GMT415) in America was called the Chevrolet Blazer in Europe — the Chevrolet Tahoe, on the Latin American market — Grand Blazer or Silverado.

After pyatidverku with internal index GMT420, which appeared in January 1995, renamed Tahoe and American three-door GMT415.

The main engine Tahoe is first generation was petrol V8 5.7 series LO5 (258 HP), and since 1996 V8 5.7 L31 Vortec. C 1994 was offered a turbodiesel V8 L56 6.5 (182 HP) company Detroit Diesel. Gearbox — four-speed automatic (4L60, and later 4L80) or five-speed «mechanics». Front suspension is independent (spring in rear-wheel drive versions and the torsion-wheel), rear — dependent spring. Four-wheel drive was originally connected, and permanent AutoTrac appeared only in 1998.

In the late nineties in the U.S. market Tahoe and Suburban were equally popular — about 100 thousand cars a year. Since the 2000s Tahoe and still ahead of «the contender» twice.

The second generation Tahoe (2000-2006) was based on the GMT800 platform, as long Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL and Cadillac Escalade ESV. Body and suspension remained the same. A choice of rear or all-wheel drive. New eight-cylinder motors Vortec 4800 LR4 (280 HP) and the Vortec 5300 LM7 (290 HP) and four-speed automatic 4L60. In 2004, the engine power was increased to 290 and 299 forces, respectively. Screwdriver Assembly Tahoe GMT800 was established in Kaliningrad.

The model on the GMT900 platform stood on the Assembly line in December 2005.

The third generation (2006-2014) Tahoe differs from the previous spring suspension on all wheels. Motors — from the third series GM Small Block: Vortec 4800 LY2 (299-300 HP) Vortec 5300 LY5 (325 HP) with shut-off cylinders. In 2008 he released a hybrid with a gasoline 337-horsepower V8 6.0 LFA and a pair of 60-kilowatt electric motors (total unit power — 374 HP). A six-speed automatic 6L80 were installed on all versions, except the rear-wheel drive 4.8, where he remained four-speed box 4L60. In 2010, the motor is 4.8 out of range cleaned.

Current Tahoe for sale in America since February of last year. It K2XX platform called, and the index of the Tahoe — K2UC.

The fourth generation of the Tahoe got an updated V8 engine EcoTec3 5.3 and automatic transmission 6L80. Version for the Russian market, combining engine 6.2 with a six-speed transmission, unique in America. On cars 2016 GM promises to set 10-speed box, head-up display and enhanced media system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Behind the scenes

Azerbaijan is a patchwork quilt. Baku is so Grand that it seems as if the local oil thick Russian, but it is necessary to leave the city, as from a festive mood not a trace remains. Gasoline, by the way, here everywhere is the same — a little less than a dollar for AI-95.

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