We have chosen the most technologically advanced sport utility vehicles Beijing

We have chosen the most technologically advanced sport utility vehicles Beijing

Leonid Popov, 2 hours ago. Photo: Land Rover, autorevue.at, carnewschina.com, caranddriver.com

Long Range — the first production diesel-hybrid, which will be offered to buyers in China. The model will be released in other markets. Orders will be taken in may.

D. debutant Beijing Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase got in our rating not because it is a world premiere from famous manufacturer. Impressive combination of two parameters: the average consumption 6.4 l/100 km for car length about 5.2 M. the Increase in 186 mm to the standard version went to the growth of space in the rear passengers ‘ feet. The engine hybrid is the same power plant that short Range Rover Hybrid, which appeared last year. This diesel V6 3.0 and 35-kilowatt electric motor integrated into the eight-speed automatic. The total efficiency of the system — 340 HP and 700 N•m

Second giant, which we decided to celebrate, called Beijing Auto BJ100 (top photo). Outwardly — is one of the most original concepts at the Beijing motor show. Flat chopped panel, high ground clearance, rear window of the complex form, interesting optics, a body without a Central stands, retractable bandwagon.

But it is also a hybrid, however, the company does not disclose details). But the most unusual here, perhaps, airless tires. In them the role of the elastic element instead of the air plays a set of thin rubber spokes and ribs. On such tires several companies are already many years spent lots of experience, but still no serial vehicle does not have such a rarity. Do the Chinese will be the first? Himself BJ100 creators called conveyor type SUV, which will go on sale in 2017.

Conceptual crossover JAC SC-9 came to us in the survey for two reasons. First — extraordinary appearance. The manufacturers claim that this is a preview serial parquet, the output is planned for 2017. We doubt that the body without the center column with six chairs, placed under the scheme 2+2+2, or space bagel access to the pipeline. Yes, and a giant spoiler and a huge exhaust tube in the center. But some features of the appearance serial option should adopt.

Perhaps future SUV borrow and another chip, which attracted our attention: the system of interaction with the machine, based on gestures. How long have we wondered Discovery Vision? And there you are — «Chinese». It is possible that in serial SC-9 driver will configure the radio station with the wave of his hand. Sorry, the company JAC did not talk about a power Assembly of the concept. According to unofficial information, it costs 250-strong two-litre turbo engine. Than not bid for success?

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