With summer in Russia there will be new forms of CTP

With summer in Russia there will be new forms of CTP

CTP Anastasia Korolkova, 30 minutes ago. Photo from archive edition The recent increase in the number of fake policies CTP. If before their number in the total volume did not exceed 1%, now up to 5%. P resident of the Russian Union of insurers (VSS) Igor Jurgens at a recent press conference said that the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) took the decision to replace all forms of insurance policies from 1 July 2016. From this point on, all previously issued policies will be considered invalid and would have to be replaced with new.

Another way to combat counterfeits will be the joint work of the PCA with the traffic police for verification of insurance policies using the system of fixing violations. Camera in automatic mode will check the policy violators (to match the number with the base).

Replacement will be made as a measure of combating the spread of fake policies CTP. The parameters of the new forms currently being discussed with Goznak. They will have a higher level of protection. The cost of one new instrument to increase by 6-15% depending on the selected protection options. In July, drivers do not have to incur additional costs — costs will be paid by the insurers. CTP

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