You’re going against the wind on the crossover Land Rover Discovery Sport

You're going against the wind on the crossover Land Rover Discovery Sport

Alexei Smirnov, 29 minutes ago. Photo Rover

«If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, and will get worse. Icelandic proverb like an arrow into the bullseye. At the beginning of the column of Discovery Sport pursued by the breeze, which in the twinkling of an eye turned into a snow storm. We on this account, too, there is a saying: there is no bad weather, there are bad tires. Our cars are shod with studded Pirelli — no problems with traffic.

«H South to hurry. The weather will soon deteriorate». The English of the technical support team quickly seated carriages to cars. «Let’s try to move ahead of the weather front. Ha! With the same success these guys could promise us that during the presentation of the new crossover Land Rover Discovery Sport they will increase daylight Iceland from five hours to seven. Impossible — impossible! Snow storm, flying at a speed of 61 m/s, covered the column in the first quarter of the route. Gusts of wind, like a pitchfork, thinned the ranks of the land Rover, having dragged off a few cars in the ditch. The rest hid in a white haze. We will all die? — whether in jest or seriously asks over the radio, someone from colleagues.

Northern lights in Iceland — the same attraction as volcanoes and hot sulphurous baths. However, to the naked eye this atmospheric phenomenon looks less attractive than the photos.

In restaurants Reykjavik serves excellent herbal tincture — Björk. Sweet taste, similar to a mixture of pudding with tequila, it has an immediate effect warming. And this is exactly what I need right now! «You’re one of the missing. But you will not notice this. Even after five years. Unless, of course, will live to see that time…» After a missed Cup ragged prose of the most famous voices of Iceland warms the soul worse than any of the chanson. «How are you to accept my challenge?» And most importantly — how subtly through raznotonnye Poduyane is transferred to the cold of national color. If a snow Blizzard clinging to the window frame. Listen to song Bjork — what to write against the wind. Call! Catching them in a single message of despair, if I lean up against the cold stove. And why are there constantly somewhere betrays?

The most striking detail of the Sport — rear pillars that will become the hallmark of the entire line of Discovery. The full led lights, and plastic wheel arches — like Avoca. The appearance of the Sports group under the direction of Massimo Frascella for which this is the first Land Rover. Be considered a novelty in the statics and dynamics will help brand the video.

Actually about Iceland I know no more than the usual tourist: volcanoes, Vikings, geysers, pools with hot water saturated with hydrogen sulfide… and, of course, restless wind, creating a sense of presence in a wind tunnel. «There is always a hellish wind, said on the radio our guide, but today something really quite hellish…» Under the pressure of the element of Discovery Sport can slide from side to side, like ocean-going yacht, and when a particularly strong gusts and even begins to slide sideways, as if from his roof and really sticks out mast with a sail. About British SUV I know much more than about a volcanic island, lost in the North Atlantic waters. After all, six months before the presentation, the British held a technical conference. Land Rover Discovery Sport is built on the same platform, as the Freelander with Evocom, but his body is stronger and easier thanks to the wide use of high-strength steels and aluminum.

Driving a Sports seems that ruled large land Rover differential all-wheel drive, and not a compact crossover. Deception is formed due to the high landing, silence in the cabin and a lot of inertia, which is manifested above all in slippery corners.

Discovery Sport 91 mm long Frilander, but as much as 239 mm shorter than normal Disco. The younger model «Athlete» makes not only the platform but also the range of power units. This two-liter petrol «turbocore» 240 return forces and a couple of diesels 2.2 capacity of 150 and 190 HP All three well-known motor aggregated with the nine-storeyed automatic ZF. However, the rear suspension multi-Sport (Frilander front McPherson stand «in a circle»). Thanks to its compactness in the salon was able to place the optional third row of seats, on which the English with an emphasis competing entirely quintuple. However, planting the formula 5+2 implies that the gallery is still defective. This Discovery Sport is not a direct replacement for Freelander — we were given to understand that soon there will be a car similar to Frrom sizes.

Wheelbase — 2741 mm 81 mm more than Frilander and Avoca. Ground clearance — 212 mm optionally available adaptive MagneRide dampers.

Under floor classification British SUVs, mid-size Sport now occupies, together with a large Disco intermediate add-new for land Rover at home. This level of Leisure (leisure). That is, family cars for recreation. Under the roof there is the family Range Rover Luxury (luxury), while closer to the ground — utilitarian Defender, which is attributed to the dual-purpose machines (Dual Purpose). By the way, old man Def will soon send to the rest: the heir to the British promise to present to the world in 2016. However, with Russia veteran will give up even earlier. Currently, dealerships expect the purchase a little more than half a hundred SUVs from the last batch.

Massive T-shaped front panel does not give cause to doubt — it is a Land Rover. The quality is high, however, the graphics of the Central display, despite the update, still inferior to the German competitors. The big wheel? But he is comfortable on the road and does not cover the devices.

On the dash display in addition to the usual information displays hints about operation modes off-road assistant Terrain Response. But a small number of keys for mode selection at the bottom of the center console — not the best solution. Rotate the washer, which was directionsby of Frilander, and change modes «automatic» classic selector would be more convenient. The English they happened to be all messed up! But the beauty of Sports is as much as six (!) USB connectors, although only two of them are associated with multimedia system.

But for Discovery Sport it is only the beginning. This is a new subclass of the car, balancing between ordinary crossovers and full-fledged SUV. Nedocromil? Crossiron? A line of small Disco open front-wheel modification, which, however, Russia will not fall. The all-wheel-drive vehicles with Efficient transmission Driveline rear axle just 0,35 connects with the Haldex coupling. But most of the work on the roads perform numerous electronic assistants. This is the Terrain Response system with new calibrations off-road modes, Grass/Gravel/Snow («Grass/Gravel/Snow), Mud/Ruts («Mud and ruts «) and Sand («Sand»). As well as assistants to control movement under the bias (HDC), a smooth start up the hill (GRC), stall prevention (RSC) and overcoming fords.

Almost flat front seats are quite comfortable. But, given the circumstances, I was more happy with their powerful heating. On the second row of free space not smaller than the big Discovery. The rear seat is moved in the range of 160 mm, and its back are regulated and are added in proportions of 40/20/40. Third row traditionally for land Rover raised by 50 mm, but this time the extra space you have me unstudied.

Trunk volume in the seven-seat cabin configuration prudent Brits do not advertise. In five-seat variant, depending on the position of the Luggage blind, he is 479-689 HP And if you fold all the seats — 1698 L.

The advanced versions of Active Driveline with increasing threshold of 35 km/h additional traction completely disables all components of the rear wheel drive for fuel economy (in normal traffic). And the rear gearbox supplemented packages frictions controlling the applied torque for each wheel. But such Sports in Iceland was not. The journey from the airport to the hotel we overcame on gasoline Disco with conventional rear gear. Good car with powerful dynamics, impenetrable suspension and a very convincing sound insulation. The wheel of the Sports on the slippery floor is quite informative, and the brakes work smoothly, helping to stop without locking the wheels. However, the machine responds by lowering on every movement of the accelerator and jerking when changing speed.

Thanks to the air intake located above the wheel arch, depth overcome Ford 60 see When diving system Wade Sensing scans the bottom of the reservoir, informing the driver of the sound tips about the depth change (sonar measuring the depth of water is installed in the housings of the side mirrors).

The next morning we get the keys from diesel 190-horsepower Sports, too, with a simplified transmission. Accelerates this Disco is not less confidently than gasoline. Still — here 420 N•m! And automatic carton as if the better to understand what to do. But the suspension is stiffer when hitting the wheel on ice installed in the salon are significant impacts. But her energy seems boundless. Become bold and rarely start to slow down. In running the turns of Discovery Sport almost no heels, but until it slides better not to bring: demolition of the front end is too long, and saving turn the stern, usually turns into a skid, which was immediately suppressed by strict stabilization system. And back in the salon Disco all the time something pohramyvaet. In a gasoline car crickets settled in the trunk, and diesel — whole brood bred in the door panels and roof. Be attributed to the pre-Assembly?

The wind speed reaches 219 km/h! In such conditions, the cross-car fades into the background. The speed of the column is limited to almost zero visibility.

However, the test drive was over, almost before it started. «I can feel it. Something very important. It’s going to happen… It’s coming.» Maybe it’s Bjork was work for the hurricane? Well, our guides, sensing something was wrong, and managed to collect all the crews in a dense column. Then move forward at a snail’s pace with an interval of 7-10 meters between machines. However, this does not really help. Every twenty seconds a fancy food new Disco, creeping ahead, falls into a white infinity, despite included fog lights and emergency lights. Someone again blows away from the road, and the whole caravan waits until the guy pulled out of the ditch. Who’s next? We! On the descent, our car breaks down in the West, and a strong gust of wind carries him straight in the back paradeigma machine. With locked wheels! Realizing that to stop does not work, my partner releases the brake and sends a «Athlete» in the snow captivity. «It takes courage to enjoy it. Rigidity and Lightness. Feeling The Right Moment». Oh, Yes!

Most went from bad guys from the team Land Rover Experience. Let and prepared technique, they took the brunt of the disaster. Their concerted actions gave journalists confidence in the future. Thank you!

As a rescuer, the British use «one hundred tenth» Defender version Arctic. But after unsuccessful attempts that only deeper pulls our car in the snow. Go! Go! Go! For a long time it is impossible to stand. We transplanted passengers in Discovery colleagues. The SUV again, crawling forward column snails. About half an hour later the head of the convoy gets it to the paved highway. Here the wind is even stronger, but due to the high embankment of the road at least not get covered with snow. Blow away with more tenacious coating Sport, equipped with a system preventing the overturning (Roll Stability Control), it is not so easy. In fact, it is now necessary only to compensate for the small wheel trajectory deviations. However, five or seven machines together with a pair of rescuers still can’t get out of «soil».

Go on appliances! In our case this is not figurative expression is a statement of fact. Prices are also in a haze today, after the first price increase to 195 thousand, the easiest Land Rover Discovery Sport with a 150-horsepower turbodiesel is 2 145 000. The top version with petrol engine 240 HP will cost 2 815 000 (+256K about autumn price tag). However, nobody will give a guarantee that these numbers will remain relevant for the start of sales in late February 2015.

But in the end everything ended well. Scattered by the hurricane group land Rover, breaking snow drifts, made it to Reykjavik without losses. «If travel is searching. And the house has already been found. I will not stop — I’m out hunting. I am the hunter». Yes, man is a strange creature. Two hours ago he dreamed that was the end of it, and barely reached the sweet spot, sorry about that difficulties remained behind. And I want to repeat… Another Cup Björk, please! Let’s drink to the Discovery Sport and for the guys from the team Experience, which gave us a cool journey for land Rover style. But a normal test drive will have to do at home, preferably comparative.

Passport data

Discovery Sport 2.0 L Si4 2.2 L TD4 2.2 L SD4
Body type wagon wagon wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/7 5/7 5/7
Length, mm 4589 4589 4589
Width, mm 2173* 2173* 2173*
Height, mm 1684 1684 1684
Wheelbase, mm 2741 2741 2741
Track front/rear, mm no data no data no data
Curb weight, kg 1841 1863 1863
Trunk volume, l 479-1698 479-1698 479-1698
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging turbo turbo
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in some 4, in some 4, in some
Valves 16 16 16
The working volume, cm3 1999 2179 2179
Max. power, HP/rpm 240/5800 150/3500 190/3500
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 340/1750 400/1750 420/1750
Transmission automatic nine-storeyed automatic nine-storeyed automatic nine-storeyed
Drive full full full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk disk
Bus 245/45 R20 245/45 R20 245/45 R20
Ground clearance, mm 212 212 212
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 200 180 190
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 8,2 10,3 8,9
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle no data no data no data
— country cycle no data no data no data
mixed cycle 8,2 6,3 6,2
Norm toxicity Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 70 65 65
Fuel AI-95 diesel diesel
* Width are based on mirrors.


In the basis of the Discovery Sport lies redesigned Ford EUCD platform, familiar to us for Frilander and Evoke. However, for the sake of installing the third row seats rear part of the «truck» has undergone significant changes, and front McPherson gave place to more compact memorycache. Diagram of the front suspension remained the same. However, the shock absorbers are equipped with advanced hydraulic buffers end, lower arms now hollow, and knuckles are cast from aluminum. Another innovation of the stabilizer bar with induction hardened rod, which increases the articulation of the wheels. Completely new rear memorycache collected on a steel frame, as well lightened aluminum components: the lower arms and neck. Thanks to the independent circuit, move the rear suspension is 230 mm, and its articulation has grown to an impressive 320 mm as option Discovery Sport is equipped with adaptive dampers MagneRide.

The dimensions of the Sport made of high-strength steels, 20% of which boron. The bonnet, roof and tailgate stamped from aluminum, and the main cross member of the salon of magnesium (highlighted in black). The use of light alloys helped to relieve the body more than 30 kg In the end, if you increased the size of the total weight of a body of the Sport in comparison with Frilander was 22 kg

The first two-liter turbo EcoBoost 2.0 showed up on the concept caret Ford Explorer America, where issued 279 HP and 380 N•m But production models of Ford and land Rover power reduced to 240 HP and torque of up to 340 N•m (360 in Overboost mode). Aluminum motor equipped with direct fuel injection. Jets with seven holes sprayed gasoline in the cylinders at pressures up to 150 bar several times per cycle. In addition, the Quartet is equipped with a mechanism that changes the valve timing Ti-VCT intake and output. Low-inertia rotor of the turbocharger, BorgWarner K03 rotate with a frequency of more than 200 000 rpm! In addition, despite the compression ratio of 10.0:1, and compliance with Euro-5 standards, EcoBoost is fed with gasoline AI-95. Upgraded exhaust system with rapidly warming the catalyst allows for more dorigatti harmful particles.

Diesel engine 2.2 DW12, worked the mechanics of concern PSA Peugeot Citroen and Ford, no longer young: he made his debut in 2000 on the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 607. Then the unit is equipped with rechargeable injection, developed to 133 forces. In 2006, 160-strong version (400 N•m) turbo diesel engine was under the hood of Frilander first generation. And when it came time to update the «second» generation, shestnadtsatiklapanny engine seriously upgraded. It was equipped with a new turbocharger with variable geometry, which, thanks to liquid cooling capable of operating at higher temperatures. Each option forces your index: TD4 — to 150-strong version, SD4 — to 190-strong. Torque 400 and 420 N•m, respectively. In addition, if earlier, the motor worked including fuel five percent content of biodiesel, now maybe ten percent. To reduce the noise level of the sump is equipped with sound-absorbing casing, below the upper decorative cover diesel installed a rubber grip, appeared and modified front cover timing mechanism. All this helped to calm the «Quartet» (minus 2 dB).

All modifications Discovery Sport for the Russian market will be equipped with adaptive nine-storeyed automatic transmission ZF. It features: multi-stage damping system of the torque Converter for smooth driving and working fluid of low viscosity, thus saving fuel. Despite the additional transmission, this unit is only six millimeters longer than the previous six-speed «automatic» and 7.5 kg lighter.

Connecting the rear axle Discovery Sport manages inter-axle clutch Haldex. However, the level of off-road training «Athlete» depends on the number of seats in the cabin. If a simplified Efficient transmission Driveline is combined with five-and seven-seat layout, the Active Driveline with electrically-controlled packages of friction for each of the rear wheels and extra grip, breaking the rear axle together with the propeller shaft, is available only for off-road vehicles with five-seater cabin.

Clearance — 212 mm, Corners of the entrance ramp and the exit — 25, 21 and 31 degrees, respectively. The requested depth overcome Ford — 600 mm


In addition to traditional systems, responsible for active safety, Discovery, Sport appeared the function of emergency braking. Her eyes are stereoscopic digital camera, operating without binding to other vehicle systems — Autonomous. According to the developers, up to 50 km/h AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) allows to avoid the collision, and at speeds up to 80 km/h reduces the likelihood of accidents and the severity of the consequences.

The equipment also includes eight airbags, including knee airbag driver and front passenger. But the main pride of the British, airbag for pedestrians (see photo). Air bag capacity 110 l is located at the base of the windscreen and, if necessary, activated for 50 milliseconds. Right on the pedestrian airbag in a fairly narrow speed range: 25-50 km/H.

History (Robert Heat, Leonid Popov)

The draft compact crossover under the brand Land Rover began in the late 1980s and H. Parent company Rover Group, which was owned Land Rover, conducted marketing research, gave the green light for future model Freelander under the code designation of the CB40. However, in the time of money on the idea at the Rover was not, and the British began to look for a partner-assistant. The necessary material means appeared only in 1994, when BMW bought the bankrupt company Rover Group.

Mainly German money went into the preparation of the conveyor plant in Solihull and development car, which lasted more than three years, studied English engineers. The debut of the model took place in 1997. It was unusual Land Rover: bearing body, front McPherson loop, four-wheel drive with viscous coupling in the drive of the rear axle, with no locks or downshift. Moreover, initially the British missed with motors: Freelander has been insufficient in return for such curb weight (1425 kg) petrol the Quartet 1.8 (120 HP) and a 98-horsepower turbodiesel 2.0 TDi (both units roveresca). Three years later the situation was partially corrected by adding a range of six 2.5 (177 HP) and the BMW turbodiesel 2.0 (112 forces). Transmissions were two pieces — a five-step «mechanics» and «machine».

Freelander will be remembered not only for its traffic, but also constructive «dampness». The electrician was unreliable, «machine» is roughly configured, and heated seats lacked even the expensive versions. Poor build quality was supplemented with poor materials trim. A large part of the bugs fixed in 2003 when, during the planned modernization of the refreshed exterior and interior, which now were not only higher quality, but the best ergonomics. The suspension became collected, and the switch has a manual box is clearer. The auto — added a manual shift function. In the same year 2003 for the base Land Rover Freelander (1.8, «mechanics», ABS, air conditioning, one airbag) Russian dealers asked $25 700. Expensive! Car with engine 2.5 V6 and the «machine» was not to buy for less than $33 700. And yet English crossover enjoyed steady demand, and until 2002 Freelander and even remained the most popular all-wheel drive vehicle in Europe. The release of the first generation ended in 2006)

In 2006, within the British motor show was presented the «second» Freelander. The length and width of a compact land Rover was equal 4501 and 1910 mm, respectively, the height and wheelbase — 1740 and 2660 mm Before the first restyling (2010) on the model set 160-horsepower turbodiesel 2.2 and 233-horsepower gasoline «six» 3.2 with in-line arrangement of cylinders. After upgrading its finalized (new software and turbocharger optimized injection system having two versions of the force — 150 and 190 forces. In addition, the British potamocorbula appearance of Frilander, raised the quality of the materials in the cabin.

In 2012, the model is again updated. New optics on the LEDs, modified radiator grille and front bumper. More importantly, Freelander got the new centre console, new instrument cluster with five-inch colour information display. Washer controller system Terrain Response gave way to a pair of keys. But all cosmetic changes only emphasized concern for the technical component. The British replaced the «six» on the 240-strong «turbochargers» 2.0 EcoBoost. Along the way, modernization experienced used on model six-speed automatic Aisin (has been improved a number of internal components as well as updated software). In 2013 around the world went about 58 thousand Frilander of them in Russia — a little more than five thousand. In our market it is one of the most popular models in the compact SUV class.

Behind the scenes

Most of the roads of the island covered. The airport, which is about forty kilometers from Reykjavik, is closed. Weather forecast scare — hurricane will recede soon. But the convoy of land Rovers stubbornly crawling through the white haze. «Back five hundred, five hundred ahead. Signal vain — Blizzard, and there is no one to help!» It’s not Bjork, this is a quote from the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky.

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