Belgian Grand Prix

Belgian Grand Prix

Pfter a long break Formula-1 return to activity. The first stage of the second part of the season is traditionally held at the legendary Belgian track of Spa Francorchamps. The last time the best here was Jenson button, who this year has never been able to rise above the fifth. In normal font online writes Yaroslav Загорец, italics Miroshkin Alexander. Broadcasting is automatically updated every minute.

17:47). Let’s hope that the race in Italy two weeks will be interesting. Thanks for reading us, all the while!

17:45 Another Belgian Grand Prix thrilling spectacle not presented. I want to believe that in the remaining races of the struggle, ососбенно for leadership, there will be more. Good luck to all!

17:44 In individual and team competitions strengthened its leadership Vettel and Red Bull.

The position of the pilots in the standings after the Belgian Grand Prix

Place Pilot Team Glasses
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 197
2. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 151
3. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG 139
4. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 134
5. Mark Webber Red Bull 115
6. Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG 96
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari 67
8. Roman Grozhan Lotus 53
9. Jenson Button McLaren 47
10. Paul di Resta Force India 36
11. Adrian Sutil Force India 25
12. Sergio Perez McLaren 18
13. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso 13
14. Riccardo Daniel Toro Rosso 12
15. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber 7
16. Pastor Maldonado Williams 1

Position in the Cup of designers after the Belgian Grand Prix

Place Team Glasses
1. Red Bull 312
2. Mercedes AMG 235
3. Ferrari 218
4. Lotus 187
5. McLaren 65
6. Force India 61
7. Toro Rosso 25
8. Sauber 7
9. Williams 1

17:32 Note of a highly successful race Dan Riccardo — it started on the 19th, he finished 10-feet, Not to mention Alonso — when starting with 10 places it second. And the hero of the qualification van der garde at the finish put the best for themselves circle. Guido 16th, only two positions worse Saturday.

17:30 The final Protocol of the Belgian Grand Prix.

The results of the Belgian Grand Prix

Position Pilot Team
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
2. Fernando Alonso Ferrari
3. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG
4. Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG
5. Mark Webber Red Bull
6. Jenson Button McLaren
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari
8. Roman Grozhan Lotus
9. Adrian Sutil Force India
10. Riccardo Daniel Toro Rosso
11. Sergio Perez McLaren
12. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso
13. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber
14. Esteban Гутиерррес Sauber
15. Вальттери Боттас Williams
16. Guido van der garde Caterham
17. Pastor Maldonado Williams
18. Jules Bianchi Marussia
19. Max Chilton Marussia

17:29 Alonso second, Hamilton saw the chequered flag in third place.

17:28 FINISH Vettel won the Belgian Grand Prix! Second time in his career!

17:27 44 circle Went last lap uncharacteristically dull race in Belgium. Neither rain nor pace-Kara, regular (almost) success Vettel.

17:26 43 circle The button is still trying to catch up Webber. Now 8.5 seconds. For a couple of laps remaining very much.

17:25 43 circle Passion on the track subsided. Vettel confidently goes to another victory.

17:24 41 circle Riccardo caught up with Peres in the struggle for 10th place. For fresh tires Daniel attacked after the Mexican «red water» and was the pilot of McLaren.

Грожану now, by the way, I don’t envy — he is the only one of all the pilots went to the tactics of one pit stop, and rubber, it seems, was to die. Behind him now Sutil in 14 seconds. Quite a lot, considering that before the finish three and a half circle.

17:23 40 circle Waited for a Mass attack on Грожана! Passes the Brazilian Frenchman! And Vettel meanwhile puts the best lap.

17:22 40 circle Another penalty. This time for Gutierrez. In the struggle he went beyond the road and got the advantage.

17:21 40 circle Maldonado stands in boxes, serving fine.

17:20 40 circle We are waiting for the struggle of the Masses and Грожана for the 7th place. Slightly more than a second between them.

17:19 39 circle Button from circle to circle reduce the gap from the Webber. Between them in 10.3 seconds, and the last round of the leader of the McLaren was 0.7 seconds faster than the Aussie.

17:18 38 circle The most comfortable position now have a pair of leaders. Vettel took off from Alonso in 11.3 seconds, and the gap Spaniard from Hamilton is 12.8 seconds.

17:17 37 circle Maldonado has got a rare 10 second penalty «stop-and-go» for the accident Сутилем and di Рестой.

17:16 37 circle Button on a new set of tires puts the best lap. Now Briton sixth. To Webber, who occupies the fifth place, Дженсону almost 12 seconds.

17:15 36 the circle Rosberg and Webber compete for almost the entire race, but mark until Niko can not do anything about it. Now German and Australian fight for fourth place.

17:14 35 circle Thus, Hamilton inheritance goes to overtake Alonso. However, there already is 12.3 seconds on the job.

17:13 35 circle BTN turned into boxes. He once again put the «hard» and Briton drove out to the highway in sixth place.

17:12 34 the circle For 11 laps to the finish line pilots were encamped on the highway in the following order.

The position of the pilots on the 34th round

Position Pilot
1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Fernando Alonso
3. Jenson Button
4. Lewis Hamilton
5. Nico Rosberg
6. Mark Webber
7. Roman Grozhan
8. Felipe Massa
9. Sergio Perez
10. Adrian Sutil

17:11 33 circle Vettel properly fulfill the orders of the command and puts the best lap. Чилтона, meanwhile, is punished travel pit lane for ignoring the blue flags.

The main question: whether the button for another pit stop. His «hard», judging by repetition, very strongly worn out.

17:10 33 circle Weather forecasters say that the rain in the next почласа will not. But sorry!

Meanwhile Vettel puts the best of it in 7.7 seconds from Alonso. Button to Alonso 7,9.

17:09 33 circle The bridge McLaren continues to send their pilots encrypted messages. Дженсону said about the transition to plan A.

17:08 32 circle Accident di Resta and Maldonado was with a twinkle, but its consequences have removed very quickly.

17:07 32 circle In the Red Bull seems to be waiting for the rain. Vettel on the radio said breaking away from Alonso.

17:06 31 circle If the race is over now, the button would get on the podium, finishing the race in third place. But it is likely to be another pit stop.

17:05 31 circle Vettel turned into boxes, received the «hard» and returned to the track in the first place.

17:04 30 circle The Masses of the best lap. However, the Brazilian ranks eighth.

17:03 30 circle Webber visited the pit stop, leaves the sixth behind Rosberg.

17:02 29 circle Doomed gait di Resta walking in boxes. At the repetition shows that a collision has passed largely through the fault of Сутила. German cut Maldonado and it tried to use the di Resta. Failed: the Pastor continued the attack.

17:01 29 circle Whether the pace car? He would not.

17:00 28 circle Accident di Resta and Maldonado! In conjunction last turns not find a sufficient number of places for both. Pastor managed to get to the garage and machine Scotsman stands in the security zone.

16:59 27 circle Sutil after the departure of the boxes was the Pastor Maldonado. The unyielding Venezuelan German forward’t have even helped ехавшему behind both Гутиерресу pass pilot’s Force India.

16:58 27 circle And Hamilton in boxes. This is not abandoned it receives a «hard». Plus Weight and Sutil at the pit stop.

16:57 26 circle Kimi attacked a Lot in the last corner wrong, has gone far away on the sidelines, returned and immediately went into the pits. And this gathering! Apparently, this is a problem with the brakes, which have nothing to do.

First time in 38 races Kimi come down!

16:56 25 circle Rosberg the first of the leading group broke down and turned on the second pit stop.

By the way, we forgot about our гринписовцах. They protested against Arctic drilling, arranged by Shell, and now, just hang on the ropes in the main stand. A great place to watch the race! Though quite boring.

16:55 24 circle The penalty for pushing Грожана completely destroyed the race Peres. After a couple of races on pit lane Mexican only takes 16 place.

16:54 24 circle The rain is 16 kilometres from the motorway. We have half the distance behind — the very need a good shower!

16:53 24 circle Raikkonen overtook a Lot, but it is too far from him to attack.

The struggle between them is for seventh place.

16:52 23 circle Pace Vettel faster Alonso three tenths. The Alonso is easily torn from Hamilton.

Grosjean finally turned into boxes. He put the «hard» and the Frenchman returned to the track by 13 positions.

16:51 21 circle No, you cannot Alonso even begin to approach the Vettel. Spaniard to German already 8.4 seconds.

16:50 21 circle The rate of Caterham cars and Marussia causes depression. After the high places in the qualification van der garde, Bianchi and Chilton close race.

16:49 20 circle Of the top ten in boxes until he was Roman Grozhan. I must say that thanks to the pit stop more all played pilots Ferrari. Alonso was in second place, and the Weight — to eighth.

16:48 20 circle The current position of the pilots on the track.

The position of the pilots on 19 circle

Position Pilot
1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Fernando Alonso
3. Lewis Hamilton
4. Nico Rosberg
5. Mark Webber
6. Roman Grozhan
7. Jenson Button
8. Felipe Massa
9. Kimi Raikkonen
10. Adrian Sutil

16:47 19 circle A young Mexican man from Sauber now has lost his position and relatively Сутила. German was Esteban in front of the «red water».

16:46 18 circle Raikkonen is the ninth. Finn was Gutierrez, who was not yet in boxes.

16:45 18 circle Perez, Sutil and di Resta lined up on the road in one number before the «red water». The winner of the battle went Adrian!

Here in boxes and a button. From the fourth place is returned eighth stiff rubber.

16:44 17 circle Kimi almost drove into the stern McLaren Sergio Perez. It is a struggle for 10th place, that Perez will soon leave.

16:43 17 circle Webber also continues its breakthrough. The Aussie was Грожана and moved to the sixth place.

Pilots in the Red Bull generally fly on the route: first, set a best lap Webber and Vettel now.

16:42 17 circle Raikkonen fights like a lion. Another victim of the Finn was Paul di Resta.

16:41 16 circle Perez is extremely dissatisfied with the fine now for the incident.

16:40 16 circle Even before the pit stop Button Vettel took the lead. Overtaking passed in the last sheaf turns.

16:39 15 circle Hamilton and Alonso started a real war on the track, but the Spaniard was able to come forward. Now Fernando third, and Hamilton dropped to fourth place. Perhaps, the leader of the Ferrari has a chance to fight for the victory.

16:38 14 circle The leader of the boxes. Vettel put «medium.» Sebastian came onto the second. Button leads the race!

16:37 14 circle And still Hamilton overtook Грожана. Quite expectedly, the successful maneuver took place in the area of DRS.

Another hassle Райкконена with their boxes. Finn were told that he was too high wear and tear of the left-front wheel on that Kimi somehow inaudible snarled.

16:36 13 circle Alonso in boxes. Together with him came Webber. The Spaniard is back on track behind Hamilton.

16:35 13 circle On the highway battle Грожана and Hamilton. Lewis first was the Frenchman in the last corner, but the novel kept behind the pilot’s Mercedes and returned to the position in the area of DRS.

16:34 12 circle The second Mercedes also collapses in the boxes. Росбергу also put a «medium».

In 40 kilometers to the East from the route downpour. Like how can latch onto the track.

16:33 12 circle Hamilton calls in the pit lane. Lewis was set of «medium» and returned for Грожаном in tenth place.

Peres punished travel on the pit-lane. Therefore, the judges decided that he did not leave Грожану enough space in the corner. They, of course, know better.

16:32 11 circle The button was able to stabilize its pace and firmly pursues a couple Webber-Rosberg.

16:31 11 circle Di Resta turned into boxes. Шотландцу put hard type of rubber and he comes back to the 16th place.

The Mass of unresolved problems with the instrument panel.

16:30 10 circle Sudden descent Charles Peak — drove into boxes and left.

16:29 10 circle Incident between Peres and Грожаном under the supervision of the judges. Like Sergio made by Roman go beyond the road. So what? We’ll see.

16:28 10 circle Хюлькенберг immediately dropped in at the pit stop. Weight behind him. Side by side of the machine at the pit lane!

16:27 9 circle Kimi Duke did Hulkenberg. Finn went out in eighth place.

16:26 9 circle Raikkonen attacks Hulkenberg, but Niko well done, does not give up. 50th Grand Prix career, and so it is good.

16:25 9 circle The gap between the leaders stabilized and is now little more than four seconds.

16:24 8 circle Commentators BBC calm the fans who are already thinking about another victory Vettel. They say that Alonso flies, so nothing is decided yet. Fernando is the same pace with Хэмилтоном — three seconds between them.

16:23 8 circle Perez burst in the points zone! The Mexican in the area of DRS overtook Грожана, forcing the Frenchman cut following the straight turn.

16:22 7 circle The left front wheel drive car Райкконена enveloped in black with dust. Problems with the brakes?

16:21 7 circle Хюлькенберг gathered for a whole group of obviously more fast drivers. Him now go Raikkonen, Grosjean, Perez, Weight and Sutil.

16:20 6 circle Equally swift failure van der garde — he is the 19th.

16:19 6 circle Rapid breakthrough Fernando Alonso continues. The Spaniard came on the third place ahead of Rosberg.

16:18 6 circle Need rain.

16:17 5 circle The button after a great start begins to lose its positions. Now Webber ahead of the British.

16:16 5 circle Weight remained without KERS. The poor man. The Brazilian is already out of the top ten — it only 12th, restrains Сутиля.

16:15 5 circle Hamilton to Vettel already 4.2 seconds. The rate of «Mercedes» while not as good as expected.

16:14 4 circle So pilots are now traveling on the highway.

The position of the pilots on the 4th circle

Position Pilot
1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Nico Rosberg
4. Fernando Alonso
5. Jenson Button
6. Mark Webber
7. Paul di Resta
8. Nico Hulkenberg
9. Kimi Raikkonen
10. Roman Grozhan

16:13 4 circle Alonso goes to fourth place! Ahead now Rosberg.

The Spaniard was on the Button with the use of DRS.

16:12 4 circle A pair of «Fights» is jammed behind the Хюлькенбергом. Raikkonen is now the ninth and Grosjean — tenth.

16:11 3 circle Very tightly go racers. Breaks almost everywhere are minimal, but attacks are scarce.

Vettel on the radio told to take care of the rubber. But German is not listening — set the best lap.

16:10 3 circle Vettel started strongly breaking away from Hamilton. At my favorite highway German lucky Lewis 2.8 seconds.

16:09 2 circle Alonso presses the Button until the first three detached from them.

Van der garde kept its 14th. Fellow Dutchman!

16:08 2 circle Хюлькенбергу too good start — he is the eighth, and started 11-m

16:07 1 circle Race for max Чилтона began with the failure. After a good qualification he immediately rolls over on the 21st place.

16:06 1 circle Button started great, but the di Resta failed. As Webber — he only sixth. Floor only seventh. Alonso went out in fifth place is a great start!

16:05 1 circle There failed not Vettel and Webber. Sebastian came in first place, ahead of Hamilton!

16:04 START Vettel has failed to start! Hamilton the first corner in the lead in the race!

16:00 The first 14 pilots have chosen a more lenient type of rubber is «medium». In between times started the warm up lap.

15:59 In the race in addition to the rain and intermediate rubber hard» and «medium» tyres. But we still hope the rain and intermediate.

15:54 Hope, no more nonsense from the ecologists will not.

Greenpeace activists in the main stand

15:52 Race engineer Felipe Mass — Rob Smedley, something actively explains his ward. Brazilian assistance is needed now as never before. Rumors spread that he had only two races to prove its worth as a pilot Ferrari.

15:50 On the roof of the main rostrum suddenly appeared protesters activists of Greenpeace. Prevent race they can hardly, but it has long we didn’t have any crazy on the road. In addition to the podium came fire, which should these people now removed.

15:49 On the track anthem Belgium… very unusual performance. More like a very bad room at Eurovision.

15:48 Well, a couple of words about the losers of the qualification of pilots Ferrari starting in ninth and tenth. Massa says that he would try to pass at the start as many opponents, and make all that is in his power. Will have to try ahead of him starts not only my partner for Ferrari, but Raikkonen with Грожаном. Thus Грожаном who arranged fireworks at the start of last year’s Belgian Grand Prix.

15:47 Sutil standing on the starting grid with traditional for themselves a serious expression. Under his nose he had a hint of the mustache. Long ago in Formula 1 was not really baleen riders.

15:44 How would Guido today not done anything at the start. This season he has managed successful qualification. For example, in Monaco, but then Dutchman spent far not the best race, staging a crash on the first lap.

15:43 it is Impossible not to mention the success of outsiders in yesterday’s qualification. Brilliant Guido van der garde, the Caterham — Dutchman starts today, 14-meters Immediately followed by the pilots «Marusya» Bianchi and Chilton. But the second Caterham Charles Peak not supported the initiative partner — the Frenchman start last.

15:35 Over the last five years in the Belgian Grand Prix won five different pilots. In 2008 Weight in 2009 Raikkonen, 2010 Hamilton, in 2011 Vettel, in 2012 button. Paul di Resta was not among them!

Льиюс Hamilton passes turn Eau Rouge. Photo James Moy Photography

15:31 The pit lane open. The pilots began to go back on the track.

15:28 By the way, on the situation in the championship. Before the Belgian Grand Prix lead Vettel and Red Bull.

The position of the pilots in the standings before the Belgian Grand Prix

Place Pilot Team Glasses
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 172
2. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 134
3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 133
4. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG 124
5. Mark Webber Red Bull 105
6. Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG 84
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari 61
8. Roman Grozhan Lotus 49
9. Jenson Button McLaren 39
10. Paul di Resta Force India 36
11. Adrian Sutil Force India 23
12. Sergio Perez McLaren 18
13. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso 13
14. Riccardo Daniel Toro Rosso 11
15. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber 7
16. Pastor Maldonado Williams 1

Position in the Cup of designers before the Belgian Grand Prix

Place Team Glasses
1. Red Bull 277
2. Mercedes AMG 208
3. Ferrari 194
4. Lotus 183
5. Force India 59
6. McLaren 57
7. Toro Rosso 24
8. Sauber 7
9. Williams 1

15:27 Forecasters still promise light rain. He would have added the race intrigue and entertainment. The main thing is that there were no serious accidents.

15:23 Now there was no rain, but over the route cloudy. Anything can happen.

15:22 Tweet from our correspondent on race Oleg Karpov: «Saying in Spa: if you can see the trees on the hill, so it will rain. If they are not visible means, rain goes».

15:18 Stage in the Spa exactly remember Daniel Квят. Rossiyanin, who plays for the team MW Arden GP3 series, won the first race at the Belgian highway and became the sixth in the second. Now a participant of the youth program of Red Bull takes in personal offset of the championship of the fifth place. His partner — Carlos Sainz Jr — ninth.

15:17 I personally qualification supported Paul di Ресту — Scotsman almost took the pole, furnish all at the beginning of the third segment. When the other pilots went on слике, Floor immediately chose an intermediate rubber and has not lost, because then it started to rain. However, at the end of the session his time exceeded two Red Bull and two Mercedes.

15:15 At the start of the Belgian Grand Prix pilots settled in the following order.

Starting-grid Belgian Grand Prix

Position Pilot Team
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
3. Mark Webber Red Bull
4. Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG
5. Paul di Resta Force India
6. Jenson Button McLaren
7. Roman Grozhan Lotus
8. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus
9. Fernando Alonso Ferrari
10. Felipe Massa Ferrari
11. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber
12. Adrian Sutil Force India
13. Sergio Perez McLaren
14. Guido van der garde Caterham
15. Jules Bianchi Marussia
16. Max Chilton Marussia
17. Pastor Maldonado Williams
18. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso
19. Riccardo Daniel Toro Rosso
20. Вальттери Боттас Williams
21. Esteban Гутиерррес Sauber
22. Charles Peak Caterham

15:12 In the qualification round, which was held in variable weather conditions, suffered a series of surprises. So, the pilots of Toro Rosso and Williams completely stuck in the first segment, while Guido van der garde, and both drivers Marussia got the second part of the race. The pole, by the way, went to Hamilton.

15:09 Race in Spa promises to be wow! Wait a little, just 50 minutes.

15:01 Hello! We begin a live broadcast of the Belgian Grand Prix!

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