Limited edition

Limited edition

Peye of the whole world rolls his eyes about the presented Ferrari 458 Speciale, we, frankly, not really surprised. In the end, the words «special» and «special» seems came simultaneously with wheelbarrows from Maranello. Besides, in the archives of the legendary brand will be there «спешелы-squared and cubed! «Motor» recalls the most rare, unusual, exclusive, but always stunning Ferrari.

— Ferrari 166 MM/53 Abarth Smontabile Spider —

For Maranello 166 model with a 2-liter V12 capacity of 140 horsepower — as a start in life. This sportscar overnight allowed the young firm catch up on prestige and status of the coryphaeus of Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Cisitalia. «Трейдмарковские» body Ferrari 166 developed the most respected at that time Atelier Touring and Vignale. But a real furor, if not a shock produced a version of Karl Абарта.

It was so. One of wealthy clients are not satisfied «microstock» body and he turned for help to the racer and tuner Carlo Абарту. Italian Austrian origin, created a body of rare grace, but even more rare ease. Elegant aluminium panels were fastened to a special supporting skeleton. Moreover, the body components were taken apart easily and replaced in the event of an accident. The word Smontabile («pluggable») in the model name indicates that.

In the end of the 166th in the Abarth version weighed almost 300 pounds less than the standard model! And the first serious start in the race ended with the victory. Special model, easily recognizable by the cyclopean located exactly in the center of a PHARE was the first in the class at the finish of the «Targa-Florio» 1953.

— Ferrari 410 Superamerica Ghia —

In the middle of the last century cars, especially expensive and prestigious, created not like they are now. At the Paris auto show, 1955 (the where all groaned-Akhali from first shown Citroen DS) company Ferrari modestly showed naked (without a body, that is) chassis 410 Superamerica with a 5-liter 12-cylinder engine, made him guess 340 horses. And then the best Italian «карроцерии» had begun to celebrate for engineering masterpiece masterpieces of the body.

Best, admittedly, was the work of young Sergio Пининфарины and the, to put it mildly, controversial, and even cause seizures idiosyncrasy the purists, was a version of the Studio Ghia. Today «prancing stallion» in the style of «Detroit Baroque» looks sensational. Not that half a century ago…

Symbolically, 410 Superamerica was the last Ferrari which was the guys from Ghia.

— Ferrari 250 GT SWB Bertone —

Someone from Italian designers developed the body for the chassis Ferrari hoping to snatch order from wealthy clients, others were happy to please the old man’s vanity Enzo, again per highly possible responsive kindness. However, the famous Нуччо Bertone «painted» the body is a masterpiece for короткобазной 250 GT for another reason. Just Maestro really wanted to ride in a Ferrari, but a cheater operation of competing «карроцерий».

«Коммендаторе» had a good relationship with Нуччио, so Bertone was the only Atelier, except Pininfarina, has received approval for the creation of a body of the legendary 250 GT SWB. We got a song, not a machine! Settled in the more аэродинамичном, we can say more air manner than «пининфариновский» option, Bertone coupe from different smartest solution back and сверхагрессивной face. Grille, for example, vividly reminded champion Ferrari 156 Phil Hill. Fantastico!

— Ferrari 512S Modulo —

Peek through the keyhole of tomorrow — a thankless task. Guess that will be important in the future — all shrug, like, this is a no brainer. And you don’t know what exactly rags beat. In the early 70s in the future of sports cars tried to look designer Paolo Pininfarina Martin and… no guessing. It so happened that at the disposal of the Turin «карроцерии» was chassis 800-strong racing Ferrari 512S. Job pile of him smasher Maestro Martin took literally and made it here…

Probably, in the history of Ferrari no other machine, causing fans of the brand, such a mixed response. Missing the charisma and the traditions of the brand was absolute! Although you are by car emblem, say, DeTomaso, Lamborghini and instead turn their noses, everybody would be discussed bold project for a talented designer… But Ferrari and Ferrari, to ask according to strict account. But today, almost symmetrical silhouette Modulo looks superb. A true masterpiece of road futurism, never been traits of the reality.

— Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Shooting Brake —

Opposites, they are drawn to each other despite the distance. That could be farther from each other than a luxury car and family wagon? But no — obsession «шутинг break» or, if you like, «hunting wagon» excites the minds of many years. Today, even in the company went back out: is the all-wheel drive FF is not a variation on the theme of sports barn? But the story of love Ferrari and wagon is even older.

In the 70s a Luigi Кинетти Jr., however, why a is the same son of that Кинетти, which won for Ferrari in the first race «24 hours of Le Mans ventured to offer my interpretation of «турера, on the basis and without daring stylistic 365GTB/Daytona. Суперсарай, manually made by masters of the niche sports car Builder» Panther Westwind of English Surrey, turned out: a) a beautiful, b) rapid and expensive. So, each of the owners of the 350-strong Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Shooting Break subsequently sold it to beneficially own Bank account.

— Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione —

Many, only seeing this car and did not understand what was happening, already sit scribbling comments: «Hello, dear Sirs! Your slowpoke-author calls the famous F40 some kind of «evolution.» Well, Yes, about the way it is. The truth is that the 288 GTO Evoluzione really more like a Ferrari F40, rather than actually 288-Yu.

Actually, 288 GTO Evolzione is not born rally Ferrari group B. the Project entered its final stage, when the international Federation of motor racing (FISA) took and abolished the group B as such. After a series of frightening accidents with dozens of victims and officials who have had no choice.

Left with nothing, managers Ferrari quickly handled. From the rally of the project threw all раллийное, scattered, with a 2.8-liter engine to 2.9 liters, simultaneously, to improve its reliability, дефорсировав it from 650 to 470 horsepower. And was famous F40. He returned in Maranello crown’s fastest production car on the planet. Magicians, what can I say?

— Ferrari Mythos

Its not even had to sell. Pininfarina in everyday procedure showed the world another masterpiece: the almost forgotten body «баркетта», i.e. Italian boat, without a roof and side Windows. Was hoisted on the chassis serial 12-cylinder Testarossa, this body is only at first glance was an example is so important in the late 80’s the cool design. Mythos was not so simple!

Difficult enough for a passenger car среднемоторная layout located behind radiators cooling elegantly highlighted «two-section» displacement of the body: the front part of the machine as if stems from broader попастой» poop. Body by the way entirely carbon, and the rear wing — active, rising to 30 centimeters. And isn’t it too much — Mythos indeed reached a speed of 290 km / h! The Sultan of Brunei was so fascinated «boat», that took my first one and then the second. So, two-thirds of all existing in the world of Ferrari Mythos are in the garage respected Хассанала Болкиаха. Literally.

— Ferrari FXX —

It’s nice that not everything in this world is bought and sold. You can be rich like Abramovich and known as Brad pitt, but Ferrari would not allow you to drive luxury cars FXX on public roads. If, of course, talking about the ways of civilized countries.

The evolution of the legendary Ferrari Enzo created specifically and exclusively for track days, during which the happy owners of the 800-strong cars had to listen to boring training monologues instructors on how to enter and turn what is the apex. But the owners of the FXX have reason is proud to be exactly the same Ferrari owns and sevenfold champion of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher. German гиперкар got free — that is, for years of service. The rest paid about 1.5 million euros.

— Ferrari SP12 EC —

Steeper childhood fantasies and youth dreams are only requests players and rock musicians. What would a reasonable person in response to a request to give a different Ferrari 458 Italia (V8, 4.5 liters, 562 horsepower) features of the classical 512 Berlinetta Boxer, produced in the period 1973-1984? Yes-Yes — sent to, Yes with матерком!

But what will you do, if a claimant is not who other, as Eric Clapton — legendary guitarist, OBE and a good person? For the sake of such client in Maranello worked well. Unique car, the keys to which Mr. Клэптону solemnly handed in 2012, could be called a masterpiece of modern engineering, and unworthy of the great glory of the Ferrari factory tuning — all depends on mood. However, the project is very interesting.

— Sergio Ferrari —

Today the former splendor of the Italian «карроцерий» reminds a little. Forgotten or almost forgotten once гремевшие Touring all over Europe and Vignale, teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe Bertone, Italdesign bought by the Germans from VW, and only Pininfarina even interrupted with bread kvass. Let mainly not due to road projects, but all the same… and more Italians regularly please and четырехколесными masterpieces.

That’s Sergio, built on the chassis of 562 horsepower Ferrari 458 Spider and first presented at the auto show in Geneva this spring, immediately send the avaricious men tear. Not only because it is named in honour of Sergio Пининфарины, who died a year ago. The much-loved by the Italians «баркетта» was enchantingly beautiful: without flirting with ретрофутуризмом and proportions, ready instantly become a classic. Say, Italians are already working on the launch of the short-run, colour party Sergio… Excellent — let beauty saves our world!

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