Nissan coined the name for hybrid GT-R

Nissan coined the name for hybrid GT-R

The company Nissan has registered in the patent office as a trademark the name «R-Hybrid». Believed to journalists edition Car and Driver this step can speak about the preparation of the manufacturer of hybrid modification GT-R supercar.

To such conclusion the journalists came after comparing the writing of the names of the «R-Hybrid» and «GT-R». To use the same font, and the shape of the letter «R» for badge » the future of the hybrid car repeats its mark from the current serial supercar.

On top of the registered trademark «R-Hybrid», and below the current writing «GT-R»

The development of the next generation supercar GT-R manual «Nissan» approved in August last year. Then it became known, that the company did not rule out the possibility of creating a hybrid modification of this model. The engineers Nissan «closely watches» for the development of the project on issue of successor supercar Honda NSX that will get gasoline for motor rotation of the rear wheels, and two motor responsible for the work front.

It is expected that the next GT-R will appear not earlier than 2017. Before that, the company will release the «charged» version of the current supercar with forced variant of the current 550-horsepower V6 petrol engine with two turbines. Such car will be able to dial a «hundred» for two seconds. The fastest GT-R will show in November of the current year at the motor show in Tokyo.

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