Ass Takes A Ride In A Crown Victoria, But Not In Jail

Ass Takes A Ride In A Crown Victoria, But Not In Jail
Осел Берет Ездить В Корону Виктории, Но Не В Тюрьму

Little Donkey in a Big Ford P71

If you ever wondered whether you will be able to carry a donkey in the back of a Ford crown Victoria, Norman police Department is your answer.

Norman, Oklahoma police officer Kyle Canaan occurred at the miniature donkey wandering around 8100 block of 120th Avenue ne on the morning of 1 December, after a report from a woman who called in the sighting, the Atlanta journal-Constitution says.

Wanting to keep the donkey from being hit by traffic, supplied in Canaan to entice the animal out of the way, then pushed and pulled a little donkey in the back seat of his P71. As the photo from the Norman PD might tell you, the animals of donkey size can fit comfortably in the back.

Although the donkey was nicknamed Squishy the local police, his name was opened on 3 December will be Cruz, the name given by his master, who came to pick him up. According to Thea Tulsa world, the owner of Matt Spaulding, chiropractor in Norman, returned home Tuesday evening to find Cruz was missing, probably escaping under an electric wire fence on his property. Spaulding says Cruz is a retired basketball beast, and brought in a charity basketball game for people to ride upon.

Cruz also became a darling of social media in the past few days after his picture was posted to Norman PD Facebook page, Oklahoma city ABC affiliate KOCO-TV said in the video below:

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