Automakers, NHTSA to meet to discuss the growing Recall completion services

Automakers, NHTSA to meet to discuss the growing Recall completion services
Автопроизводители, НАБДД встретиться, чтобы обсудить растущее Напомним завершения услуги

Mark Rosekind Circa December 2014

Despite numerous recalls in the past year, we recall the completion of the services are not 100 percent. NHTSA and automakers hope to change that.

Agency officials met with representatives of General motors, Honda and other automakers Tuesday to discuss ways to encourage affected consumers to action, when given a recall, Bloomberg reports.

In the case of GM, the automaker has studied those who do not take action, we have done everything possible to help them to be aware of the recall issue with the aim of attracting these consumers in a repair shop. However, even with 98 percent of GM owners are aware of recalls as a result of the campaign, the omission happened. Those who finally make the law, the customer relationship Management Director Julie Heisel said he took a few mailings, phone calls, and assurances provided by the temporary use of the vehicle until those consumers brought their affected vehicles in for repair.

As you can see, the average rate on completion of the recall repair comes to 75 per cent, although the older the car, the less likely that it will be repaired, according to the Detroit news: 15% for cars older than 10 years compared with 83% for newer models.

In 2014, automakers recalled 63.9 cars in a record total of 803 references, including in the February 2014 ignition recall issued by GM, and the ongoing Takata Airbag recall affecting Honda and nine other automakers.

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