Beauty and sports steering Skoda Octavia RS

Beauty and sports steering Skoda Octavia RS

Octavia A7 RS

Skoda Octavia RS with enhanced comfort of the cabin creates a sporty vibe. The front door is equipped with a new integrated external interior lighting, switching attention to door handles.

Also in the car with standard equipment includes a newly created sports front seats and 3-specify wheel with upholstery leather with perforation. Sills and pedals are made of stainless steel, and the gear lever and hand brake is also upholstered in leather.

Instrument panel is equipped with Maxi DOT display with rich colors, which is unique for RS. The wheel plates on door sills, gear lever, seats and carpets are marked as RS.

Modern steering part of the Skoda Octavia RS

Because of the modern steering parts Skoda Octavia RS has better handling and maneuverability, and also has a greater angle of rotation than the standard model, and built-in intelligence for Electromechanical steering.

This smart technology automatically adjusts to driving conditions. On long, straight open road you’ll hardly notice, but when on the road there are more turns, the wheels automatically become more receptive to the steering.

In addition, the city is steering reduces the effort required to maneuver in crowded Parking lots.

Electronic differential lock improves traction and handling car. XDS is a functional expansion device-locking differential.

ESC Sport
Sport mode the ESC key after you press the ASR button is disabled, and after long pressing this button again turns on (sports setting regulation).

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