car alarm Sherkhan

car alarm Sherkhan

2016Компания SCHER-KHAN MAGICAR first appeared on the market of the countries of the former USSR in 1998. Its first product was the alarm, which in the market of the CIS countries still has not used it, it was the security system with two way communication and remote control with LCD display. In fact, this product brought the company to the leading position in sales, which ultimately brought fame and recognition to the brand SCHER-KHAN MAGICAR.

Логотип фирмы
автосигнализация шерханБрелок Шерхан 5 One of the best representatives of the company, is security system car alarm Sherkhan 5,автосигнализация шерхан 5Брелок Шерхан 5 is the development of 2006, but has popularity to this day. The system has two-way communication up to 1500 meters and system, car alarm Sher Khan from startup, and the startup is set by the owner.Брелок Шерхан 5 The presence of the timer allows you to set the exact time of launch. The system had a unique system of coding, which has several degrees of protection from Kagramanov. автосигнализация шерхан магикар 5 инструкцияCar alarm Sherkhan 5 priceranges from $ 170 without installation and around $ 230 with installation.

Автосигнализация шерхан магикар аАвтосигнализация шерхан магикар аCar alarm Sherkhan magicar and, as the system Sherkhan 5, got a security system with unique coding, startup and system code input with the loss of the keysОстерегайтесь подделок in this protection system, you can use silent arming, which allows not to attract attention from the outside.автосигнализация шерхан инструкция

Car alarm Sherkhan 6, developed in 2005, but due to its multi functionality is a leader in sales, the system is familiar to many car owners.автосигнализация шерхан 6 A feature of this system is dvuhstadialnoj, powerful transmitter in the remote control allows you to transmit signals up to 1500 meters.автосигнализация шерхан 6 This is, in fact, security complex, separation of the channels separately allows to put and remove the car from protection, which eliminates the possibility of opening the car Graber. The system does not have AutoPlay, but, nevertheless, has the function «Turbo timer» that is inherent in systems with AutoPlay.автосигнализация шерхан 6 Price with installation for about $ 200.

 автосигнализация шерхан 7 автосигнализация шерхан 7Car alarm Sherkhan 7 has a Communicator with LCD display, which can observe the condition of the car, until the temperature in the cabin, that’s all you can see in the distance before landing in the car. автосигнализация шерхан 7 The system includes the AutoPlay. Car alarm Sherkhan 7 price ranges from 230 to $ 400 from authorized dealers it is possible to install with the purchase for $ 320. автосигнализация шерхан 7 To buy car alarm Sherkhan can be from official dealers, there are possible quality installation with a guarantee. автосигнализация шерхан 7

Car alarm Sherkhan 9 is a novelty of 2011, the system received a new strong protection algorithm, and communication range up to 2000 meters.Автосигнализация шерхан 9 Автосигнализация шерхан 9 The system has its own Immobiliser, with which you can connect to the CAN bus. Автосигнализация шерхан 9 So it is possible to record information on the car’s computer. Car alarm Sherkhan 9 price is $ 400 without installation.Автосигнализация шерхан 9

Автосигнализация шерхан 10Car alarm Sherkhan 10 is an elite two-way security system car, thanks to the multifunctional remote control is equipped with function «Slave» is the ability to program the system keychain.Автосигнализация шерхан 10 The keychain is equipped with a function of the minicomputer, all the data displayed on the display. Price without installation ranges from $ 440. Автосигнализация шерхан 10System assembled in South Korea, have high-quality Assembly that can operate in a large temperature range.

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