Chevrolet Corvette coupe was a record for economy class

Chevrolet Corvette coupe was a record for economy class

Two-door Corvette Stingray generation C7, will go on sale this autumn.

To company GM has released official ratings efficiency standard for EPA Corvette seventh generation. 455-HP (such final digit capacity appears in the last press release) luxury car spends in the American city cycle at 13.84 l/100 km on the highway — 8,111 l/100 km On conviction manufacturer on the market now there are no comparable sports car power that would show the same or better fuel consumption. Amazing how this was accomplished engineers from atmospheric «eight» in volume of 6,2 litres and without hybrid lotions. But when you change generation Corvette became stronger by 6%, and on 11% has increased its mileage on one gallon on the highway.

Engine LT1 knows how to disable half of the cylinder at low loads (system Active Fuel Management (AFM). The industry is already far not a new technique. And yet he’s active, especially paired with direct injection. By the way, the above figure consumption Corvette on a highway is an average of between two numbers demonstrated a coupe with the seven-step «mechanics» in modes Tour (of 8.4 l/100 km) and Eco (7,84 l/100 km). The driver can choose himself. In the latter just electronics allowed whenever the use AFM. Data on fuel consumption Corvette with six «automatic» will appear later. Yes, and there is one more interesting moment: when you install the optional «dual-mode» exhaust return this engine grows up to 460 HP

For comparison, GM summarizes some спорткарам (consumption on the highway according to the standard EPA): Porsche 911 Carrera S (400 PS) — 8,71 l/100 km, Jaguar F-Type V8 S (495 PS) — 10,23 l/100 km, Audi R8 V10 (510 HP) — 12,38 l/100 km More economical than Corvette, only less powerful sports cars. As a landmark Americans lead Porsche Cayman (275 HP) with passport indicator on the highway 7,84 l/100 km Recall at the same time last month, GM told about the results of the tests the accelerating dynamics coupe C7 Corvette Stingray (though with service Z51 engine, but this machine is actually the base engine).

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