Choose a car? Look at the Golf and Octavia

Choose a car? Look at the Golf and Octavia

Гольф и Октавия. Внешний вид.

The best choice for the realization of the dream of a family car can be a Golf or Octavia, which correspond to all the major parameters that future buyers have to hire has the opportunity to become their real property.

Who would win in a fight Octavia vs Golf?

One of the leaders in sales due to the high level of comfort in the car is considered the Golf course, which is a refined and comfortable family car small size. All components of the auto talk in his favor and only emphasize all the advantages that can give the owner of this quality and nice unit.

Stylish look, designed by famous brand designers are in great demand in the market and satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. Reliable materials and spare parts guarantee safety inside the cabin, and comfortable body type hatchback gives you the opportunity to combine design with comfort.

Considering the model Octavia vs Golf is very important to notice price differences models, which can significantly affect the buying decision. Prices for Golf can be simply astronomical and be forced to raise the necessary money for quite a long time. But why in this case to limit myself, if there is a ready option in the face of the superb Combi, which would be an adequate substitute for more expensive competitor.

Common platform hire grants of similar characteristics and makes quite interchangeable. So actually there is a difference in prices on replacement parts for units.

The main external difference between Octavia vs Golf — large trunk Octavia. Besides the usual exterior finish of the car will make getting used to the replacement easier and faster than it would happen to Golf.

The design of interior finish matches the best classical standards:

  • Severity
  • Coldness
  • Asceticism
  • Emphasis on funktsionalnos

Perfect in the style of «more and less» — that’s what the new Skoda superb Combi for any buyer. Than not a perfect purchase?!

Pictures of the car: Skoda Octavia and VW Golf, which will help You make the right choice!

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