Floor mats for Skoda Octavia A7

Floor mats for Skoda Octavia A7
Автомобильные коврики для Skoda Octavia A7

Car mats for Skoda Octavia A7 models 2013 presented in a rich variety of performance that choose the suitable variant is not so easy. The direct purpose of the floor mats is to ensure cleanliness of the salon. Buy them almost immediately after buying a car, because they retain the bottom of the car intact during the whole period of operation.

With their help, you can quickly remove accumulated dirt and dust in the bottom of the cabin. Import options of products are under the names of rubber mats car mats). They are made of different materials which are easy to clean. A variety of models that differ in form, material, size, and value, have their advantages and disadvantages. To make the right choice, you need to find out the features of each type of product. Mainly mats Skoda Octavia A7 made of rubber, polyurethane and textiles.

Classic rubber car mats

Classic material for the manufacture of automotive floor mats is rubber. When selecting products pay attention to the quality of the material. Rubber should be soft. She has a lot of advantages in comparison with other materials. These include water-resistance and elasticity. Rubber Mat easy to clean, leg it does not slide, he wear resistant and durable.

High boards around the edges do not allow a flowing with service water in rainy and snowy weather, get on it was coating the bottom and cause premature its corrosion. Very often, these mats are used in the boots of vans and SUVs because of their practicality and versatility. The main advantage of rubber products is their low price, in case of damage they can be easily replaced.

To disadvantages floor mats rubber include weak resistance to frost. At long influence of low temperatures in the winter time, they begin to lose elasticity, harden and crack at mechanical influence. In the summertime at a very high temperature in the cabin they can make the unpleasant rubber smell. Therefore, when buying a product it is recommended to sniff it. If it emits a pungent odor, it is better to refrain from buying to avoid headache from him in the car.

Recognized world leaders in production of автоковриков of rubber company considered Seintex and Petex. Product Sintex are produced with high and low side. The most popular kit black, consisting of three separate elements with high sides, is made from high quality rubber, which does not stretch or «dubeet» in the cold. Driver’s, passenger and rear elements of the set have optimally adapted form, allowing easy to remove and install them into place. The reverse side floor mats has thorns, which ensure reliable coupling with a shaggy coated bottom.

3D floor mats, of textile materials

Lovers of high comfort prefer to choose fashion and textile 3D floor mats. In contrast to other models, they, in addition to the direct purpose, have the ability to attract dust that falls into the cockpit of the car. In their production uses only environmentally friendly materials, so they do not emit odors, like a rubber band model. They have a three-layer structure, providing unique characteristics and lets not miss the moisture to the surface of the bottom. The use of 3D technology in their production allows products to repeat exactly the relief of the surface of the floor that provides a snug fit, reliable grip and precise fixation of installation Mat.

Easy operation and easy maintenance are the advantages of these models. They immediately cleaned in car washes with special compressor machines, long retain after this his beautiful and elegant appearance. They can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and brush. The top there is a relief and fleecy layer absorbs moisture, leaving unpleasant puddles under the feet in the cabin. It does not rot, dries quickly and does not emit bad smells. Rubber base prevents moisture to penetrate to the bottom. The bottom layer Mat has липучие properties, allowing him to hold well for it was the floor.

Special additional cover in the location of the heel driver under the gas pedal protects the surface of the rug from premature wear and damage to the sharp ends женкой shoes. It is strengthened with the help of pipe bombs in a suitable driver-place. The set consists of five parts — the two front, two rear, and the tunnel part. The front mats have the embossed inscription brand of car. In addition влагонепроницаемых properties of textile mats have sound and thermal insulation qualities, increase the comfort of the cabin. The disadvantage of 3D textile products is relatively high prices.

Modern polyurethane floor mats

Now increasingly popular with car drivers are polyurethane floor mats produced by companies such as Locker, Novline, Norplast etc. They are produced for the flooring, as in beauty and in the trunk. Advantages of polyurethane front tires are less weight, more dense wrap sex, high durability. Physical properties of polyurethane less dependent on the temperature, it is more cold-resistant than rubber. The outer surface of the polyurethane floor mats looks much better aesthetically. It is more smooth, which is a drawback, since such a Mat poorly kept in his place, and glides across the floor.

No odor is also the advantage of polyurethane floor mats. They are available in black, grey and beige colours. Black polyurethane floor mats Novline consist of three parts. Two front pad driver and passenger are made according to the technology of 3D and well attached to the floor, recorded two clips. The two rear Mat, United tunnel jumper, form a coherent whole, which is recorded by the four clips from both parties. Beautiful floorings of polyurethane grey and beige for trunks sedan offers a firm Norplast. They have a good side, exactly fit the profile of the Luggage compartment, very convenient for transportation of various bulk cargoes.

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