Ford finishes up this thought, says that there are no plans for a Fiesta RS

Ford finishes up this thought, says that there are no plans for a Fiesta RS
Форд заканчивает эту мысль, говорит, что нет планов на Фиесту РС

However, the performance SUV has been confirmed as something brand discusses. “We are having this conversation,” Hameedi revealed, lending trust, speaking last week about the possibility of a St variant C520 Kuga is about.

It was recently reported Jamal Hameedi, Ford performance, global chief engineer. Hameedi told the Australian publication drive that the business case for mass production Fiesta RS will be difficult to build.

B299 Ford Fiesta St

He explained that although some characteristics of Ford model was still on a regional scale, future products was conceived with a global perspective of the market in mind, and something like a Fiesta RS with its limited competence and attractiveness – would not get into this line of thinking.

The rumor mill has been on overdrive for some time now for the possibility of this one becoming a reality, but time to lay something to rest – blue oval enthusiasts are going to groan in dismay, but apparently Ford will not build the RS version of its Fiesta, making the Fiesta St as hot as it gets where seventh generation B299 concerned.

Ford_Fiesta_ST_Malaysia_ 002

«We talked about it («Fiesta RS) a lot, and there’s a debate about what to have a lot of customers. Of course, the hardcore guys would do that, and it will work in Europe, but we now be given to the projects that we think will have a more global coverage”, he said of the drive.

Saying that innate traits of an SUV and performance goals of the car were a bit at odds, he does not discount the probability of a souped-up Ford SUV to hit the market at some point. “I think there’s probably a market for art (and not PC) a crossover,” he explained. So, we could see St. Kuga in the near future.

Ford-Kuga-Adelaide 52

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