honda civic 5d 2013

honda civic 5d фотоHonda civic 5d 9, nine digit indicates that you have the opportunity to buy a honda civic 5d new ninth generation. In this cars changed appearance, highly visible similarity with the honda civic 4d 2013, especially the front part. Compared with the honda civic 5d 2008, the car was changed dimensions of the body, they become more, front bumper and grille significantly modified. In General, the changes touched the interior, finishing are used more quality materials regarding the management was changed steering rack. The rear seats are folded in such a way that a car can go completely refrigerator. Volume varies from 477 to 1378 liters.

honda civic 5d фото

honda civic 5d photo

honda civic 5d 2013 фото

honda civic 5d фотоRear passengers feel comfortable, because the height of the roof compared with the honda civic 5d VIII, increased by 12 mm Headlight honda civic 5d got a complex, almost triangular in shape, that immediately noticeable looking at the car. Optics received fashionable led backlight, which corresponds to modern trends in the automotive civic 5d 2013 фото

honda civic 5d 2013 фото

honda civic 5d 2013 photo

honda civic 5d 2013 фото Grille honda civic 5d is presented as a black box from plastic, which is placed between the headlights, this decision underlines the « cosmic» origin of the car. As for engines, they moved from the previous generation. There are only three, is 1.4 liters per 100 PS, 1.8литра on 141л.с. and the 2.2-liter diesel engine 150 HPhonda civic 5d 2013 фото

honda civic 5d 2013 фото

honda civic 5d 2013 фотоBut for the CIS and Russia will be supplied to 1.8 i-VTEC (141 PS), in the previous specifications manufacturer pointed 142 PS, and the new data is the same engine has 141 PS In the kit are two variants of transmission, all as the honda civic 4d 2013. The honda civic 5d 1.8, there will be three options for completion, Lifestyle, Executive, Premium . Optional disk with a radius of R18. The honda civic 5d price will depend on picking the cheapest version 1.8 Lifestyle MT will start from $ 28000 and equipment 1.8 Premium AT happen to you about 36,000 civic 5d 2013 фото

honda civic 5d 2013 фото

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