How many Golf R cars Volkswagen USA sell?

How many Golf R cars Volkswagen USA sell?
Сколько Golf R вагонов Volkswagen США продавать?

2015 Volkswagen Golf R WagonR version Volkswagen’s Golf ISNA€™t the type of car Volkswagen intends to sell in large quantities. Last iteration was found 3894 U.S. owners in 2012, equal to 19.3% 20,208 quick Golf buyers, if “fast Golfâ€which means, GTI and R.

In 2013, as Golf-R’s availability of inventory has dried up, Golf R, attracted 1598 American buyers, or 10.7% of the GTI/R Gen.

At the same time, Volkswagen has sold 23,946 Jetta SportWagens in 2012 and still 22,534 in 2013, the years in which, respectively, VW USA sold 40,885 and 30,931 total knee socks. On the Jetta SportWagen, you may remember, was and is the Golf estate. She even sold in Canada. But, I thought that VW USA popularity Jetta nameplate in the United States meant a marketing vehicle under that banner was more profitable.

As VeeDub fans around the world have already noted, Volkswagen introduced the Golf Wagon R at the auto show in Los Angeles this week. It’s a dream car for the automotive writers: relatively inexpensive and fairly quick, all-wheel drive German car. It’s blue, Yes, but they could paint it a nice shade of brown, right?

Let € ™s say, for the sake of your dreams this evening that this car really end up in America as a mass of cars sold and stocked dealers of Volkswagen. How could we reasonably expect?

We’ll use 2012 as our representative year. Volkswagen sold 64,831 Golf family car, the Jetta SportWagen in the Internet. Of those, 37% were cars and 6% were Golf R hatchback. 9.5% Golf hatchbacks were sold Golf Rs.

Now we must make assumptions, and the first will be that less Golf estate buyers than the hatchback Golf buyers who are ready will be updates in the R-model. But we won’t drive the number down too far, because a large percentage of car buyers that still exist in the U.S. was willing to shell out for more expensive cars. (It’s not like there are a bevy of affordable true wagon variants.)

For the last three months, with the new Golf Mk7 is activated, Volkswagen USA averaged 3787 just Golf hatchback, the number of sales per month. We’ll Add average Jetta SportWagen with the same period last year – 2059/month, when he wasn’t at the end of his tenure – total projected monthly output 5846 units.

This suggests that Volkswagen’s previously it was thought that the wagon will do better under Jetta banner than Golf’s won’t fair. We’ll be adjusted seasonal differences, and to call it 65000 Golf sales for the year, with the wagon generating 35% of the total number (22,750) and Golf R to account for 7.5% of the wagon’s total, compared with 9.5%achieved the Golf R hatch in 2012.

Our end tally: 1706 Golf Wagon R sales per year in the United States.

It’s guess, an educated guess is possible, but not prophesy that I€™ll stand. History is our only guide. It’s certainly not forecast because, in the end, Volkswagen will use their discretion to decide how much, if any, Golf-Rs can be sold as cars in the car-away America. But the second generation Tiguan with 296 horsepower? Yes, they could probably do just fine with one of those.

For the record, 1700 annual sales in the United States is equal to approximately 0.5% Volkswagen’s planned until 2014; and about the level of sales achieved in the last ten months on cars like the BMW Z4, Mini Paceman, and Volvo S80.

And what are his chances of landing in the United States? Automotive news quoted spokesman VW who said that Volkswagen has no plans to sell the estate in the United States Volkswagen’s own press release on the matter are clear: “Car will go on sale in Europe in spring 2015.â€there are thus, the car’s production debut in Los Angeles may just be a strange form of teasing. The manufacturers do not annoy Your potential customers grievances.

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.netwho will be involved in free and frequent publication of the American and canadian auto sales.

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