In the 21st century 240D

In the 21st century 240D
В 21 веке 240D


Mercedes-Benz ML is the latest victim powertrain downsizing, but this time it is a diesel version that becomes its cylinder count corrected.

By 2015, ML350, with its 3.0L V6 diesel will be destroyed, replaced ML250 using 2.1L 4-cylinder diesel engine used in the GLK and E-class diesel. And the old V6 was good for 240 horsepower and 455 pound-feet of torque, a new 4-cylinder to shell out 200 horsepower and 362 lb-ft. Fuel economy improvement with the new mill, but a big car and small engine, usually, sometimes painfully real world figures as a smaller plant should work to motivate the same amount of mass. Official fuel economy and towing ratings will be released later.

Хотя quote M-B product Manager said that change comes from consumer demand for increased fuel economy, you can bet that the cafe had a lot to do with this change. Mercedes-Benz sells a lot of gas-guzzling cars, SUVs and AMG models and was fined more than $260 million for non-compliance with the CAFE standards. It is not surprising that m-b was a staunch opponent of the regime, which says, favors large trucks and SUVs.

So what is the best juice their cafe average, than saddling a big SUV with a tiny diesel engine? It’s not like it’s something unknown for Mercedes-Benz. How many gutless, MB-TEX equipped 240Ds they foist upon the American public, painted in hideous shades and are sold at prices much further than many Americans were expecting a Cadillac or Lincoln sticker. Decades later, you still have to fork out $ 50,725 base price for the privilege of driving ML250 BlueTec.

We can’t exactly be in the second malaise era — not with progress in the field of road safety, fuel efficiency and capacity, which allow us to have 22 mpg Hellcat — but it ML250, basically, definitely modern Brougham. Or 250TD, if you prefer.

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