Report: Many VW Managers Knew About The ‘Defeat The Device’

Report: Many VW Managers Knew About The ‘Defeat The Device’
Доклад: Многих Фольксваген Менеджеры Знали О ‘Поражении Устройства’

Volkswagen Wolfsburg

Many employees and managers in Volkswagen’s engine development Department knew about Volkswagen’s illegal discharges-deception “defeat the device â€� including informants, who were told by other performers, the German newspaper «Sueddeutsche Zeitung» reported (via Reuters).

The report said that there was “desperation� among engineers tasked with establishing U.S.-compliant diesel engine emissions. Instead of the Executive Board with a failed engine, was developed by employees cheat the system to avoid the consequences from his superiors.

The report also indicated that Volkswagen alone — not close to auto supplier Bosch — created defeat device.

Süddeutsche Zeitung » quoted a source in the Volkswagen that helped to manipulate the software to avoid the emissions tests, but said the source warned other senior Executive outside the Department who said nothing.

According to Reuters, Volkswagen in Germany didn’t comment on the report.

In the German newspaper said that the Department had taken “Schweigegelübde,� or “vow of silence� to protect themselves during the investigation, because that’s just a nightmare for Volkswagen.

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