Rolls Royce Ghost wrapped in gold for Antonio brown super bowl to use

Rolls Royce Ghost wrapped in gold for Antonio brown super bowl to use
Роллс-Ройс Призрак, завернутый в золото для Антонио Брауна супер Боул использовать

Well, don’t I feel like a jerk. While in San Diego this week for the Honda civic coupe start, I bumped into a rolls-Royce Phantom , which was wrapped in chrome/polished gold finish. It was brutal, so I took a picture, posted it on Facebook and captioned it, assuming that Charles rolls and Henry Royce were turning in their graves. Now, in the company of these two men lent their names to have wrapped the spirit in a very similar style to Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio brown to drive around San Francisco during super bowl 50.

It is unclear why brown was in San Francisco because his team never made the playoffs AFC divisional. But his love of rolls Royce cars for anybody not a secret. Brown made headlines in the sports world in July 2015 on his Phantom. Sports a matte black body with broad yellow stripe down the middle – just as the steelers’ helmets – the car also wore a white skirt and bore brown’s signature in shiny sticker.

This wrapped up the spirit is about as tasteful. Its semi-gloss gold finish is broken up by a silver hood, and brown’s catchphrase, «business mountain» appears along the door. The front wings are brown and the initials of his phone. At least there not white tires.

You can check single the Ghost in the gallery above. Or you could do the sensible thing and forget this thing ever existed.


2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost | Daily Driver

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