“Second” crossover Audi Q7 will become stronger as Cayenne

“Second” crossover Audi Q7 will become stronger as Cayenne

“Во-вторых” кроссовер Audi Q7 станет сильнее, как Cayenne

"Second" crossover Audi Q7 will become stronger like Cayenne

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Only generally resembles its predecessor. But how many new parts. Take the triangular Windows in the front doors and mirrors on the legs, growing outside corner of the window and door panels, and now on the Cayenne.

With the most informative images of the second generation of the Audi Q7 crossover came from Germany. Pre-production prototype of lost plastic lining, there is only masking tape, which allows to evaluate the shape of the body, Windows, bumpers. In addition, for the first time managed to see some interior details. Namely, in the center console.

New impressive touchpad and unusual compact the transmission selector is moved closer to the driver. Caught in the frame and new chetyrehpaltsevye wheel.

Couple captured on the day cars caught that Adam was not the first samples of “ku-seventh, but the most interesting. Significant acquisition, compared with the previously seen prototypes — head optics, including Led dot matrix, and, of course, almost naked lights.

Podzatyanulsya exit “ku-seventh” is scheduled for early 2015. Recall, the car is based on evolved “basket” MLB (also called the MLB Evo). This allowed the model to lose more than three hundredweight. The engine must be different “six” and “eight”will appear and hybrid plug-in, created on the basis of the three-liter diesel.


The “third” Volkswagen Touareg will also move to the basket MLB Evo (as, for example, Porsche Cayenne 2017). But Touareg much later than the Q7, in late 2016 or early 2017. On the days who Adam caught a few “mules” new Touareg shells from the current Q7. (It’s funny: last spring ingolstadts crossover had the opportunity to work and “the mule” for a Bentley SUV.) Modified wheel arches, different from conventional machines, parts, bottom, moved the fuel filler pipe. A lot for what he “mules”. In addition, because non of these unusual Audi, registered in Braunschweig, i.e. near the research center Volkswagen.

In the cabin — a strange mixture of components VW and Audi. Under the hood from the frame. By the way, the new Touareg engine range will be expanded in the direction of a more modest initial options. It is assumed that there even will be one of the “four”.

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