skoda octavia 2013 a7

The new skoda octavia A7, is the third generation of this popular model. The car is a five-seater liftbek created on a universal platform SAID. With each new generation, the model has been unified under standards Volkswagen on the one hand, this innovative approach, the company, and on the other hand the model goes from the Skoda Octavia, which led the company Skoda sales leader. With each new version of the Skoda Octavia is becoming more like the average car Corporation Volkswagen. But losing individuality, skoda octavia a7 acquired practicality and reliability, proven over the years. skoda octavia a7 фото Exterior and interior were designed in the Czech Republic, under the leadership of chief designer of the Corporation Skoda — Jozef Kabaň. The car has received the underlined form, compared with the previous generation, the machine became more athletic shape. skoda octavia a7 фотоModified radiator grille, the company logo, optics, has been completely updated. Rear rack body was visibly moved to the trunk, thus freeing up more space for rear passengers. skoda octavia a7 фото The car was presented at the end of 2012 in Europe skoda octavia a7 beginning of sales, fell on the beginning of 2013. skoda octavia a7 фотоSkoda octavia a7 in Russia will be sold since the summer of this year, Skoda octavia a7 in Ukraine there will be approximately at the same time as on the Russian market, skoda octavia a7 combi promise to the fall of 2013.skoda octavia a7 универсал With regard to charged versions such as, skoda octavia a7 rs and all-wheel drive skoda octavia scout a7 there , they must wait approximately by the end of the year. skoda octavia a7 фотоThese terms of delivery relate to the official dealers, naturally novelties at the vastness of the CIS, will appear much earlier.

skoda octavia a7 фото

That качаемо kits, there will be three. Skoda octavia a7 active will be equipped with two engines engine 1.2 TDI 105 HP., with different variants of transmission. A7 active with manual transmission-5 will cost from 19500 dollars, but with box DSG-7 cost of approximately 21500 dollars.skoda octavia a7 характеристики

skoda octavia a7 характеристики

The average loaded Ambition will be equipped with different variants of engines, its minimum value begins with 23000 and ends 31000 dollars. top of the range Elegance will cost from 25,000 to 33,000 dollars.

skoda octavia a7 фотоBecause of the wide choice of engines and transmissions, you can choose the engine 1.4 TSI 140 BHP . Manual gearbox-6-or seven-speed robot DSG-7.

skoda octavia a7 фотоIt is also possible to install the 1.8 TSI 180 HP, too, with a different option boxes transmission.Only diesel version obtained the only one layout 2.0 TDI of 143 PS DSG-6.

skoda octavia a7 фото

Automatic transmission is not provided, the Corporation Volkswagen betting on robotized gearbox with double clutch. Therefore, this arrangement transmission occurs and on the other trademark owned by Volkswagen.

skoda octavia a7 фото

As is known Volkswagen concern to the basic equipment hire offers additional range of options, for a fee, so the cost of skoda octavia a7 may vary depending on the optional packages.

skoda octavia a7 фотоThe new generation as the innovation system has automatic braking, after the disaster strike in order to avoid the repeated collision.

skoda octavia a7 фото

System Pre-Crash during this clash automatically

skoda octavia a7 фото

pull belts and closes all hatches and Windows.The new octavia a7 received a very large range of options, the system for control of road markings, adaptive lighting and so on, all of this comes at a surcharge.

skoda octavia a7 фото

Although this practice has been in use long enough German manufacturers.


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