The company Nissan has introduced a new tests opponent Course

The company Nissan has introduced a new tests opponent Course

Leonid Popov, 48 minutes ago. Photo: WCF

The new model will stand on the conveyor in Spain. A pre-production version of a hatchback we will see, most likely in September in Frankfurt. Yet before us only a mule.

F отошпионы in Europe have noticed on tests strange hatchback. Under the camouflage film visible body пятидверки Tiida the second generation. And it doesn’t seem that we are talking about the reconstruction, since small details about your appearance — in-place (same grille, the same bumper). Meanwhile, earlier, company representatives stated that intend to bringing a new model segment C. She refuse, on behalf of the Tiida, if you choose a name from the past of the company. Stylistics as a novelty will encounter the concept Invitation in fact with the new пятидверкой Note.

It is logical to suppose: under the body of a familiar Тииды hidden units of the new пятидверки. Mule helps to bring the filling up of the mind. No wonder that the Vice-President of Nissan Andy Palmer said earlier that the company will come to a new vehicle class Golf courses, without any discounts, as it should on the dynamics and perceived quality meet German hit single. More details should emerge closer to Frankfurt motor show. Well sold in Europe, the new product should do in the first half of 2014.

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