The concept will show the future of the electric car brand Nissan

The concept will show the future of the electric car brand Nissan

Концепт покажет будущее электромобиля марки Ниссан

The concept will show the future of Nissan electric vehicle brand

Leonid Popov, 11 hours ago. Photo: Nissan

The teaser gives little information, but it seems to me that this is a hatchback with the design of the nose in the style of recent models and concepts cars Nissan.

To the company Nissan will show at the Tokyo motor show mysterious concept, announced as «a vision of the future of mobile intelligence and electrification». Autonomous driving technology and electric drive to Nissan for a long time already not in wonder, but in any future conveyor models, they can be combined, it is easy to guess.

In addition, at the Tokyo show Nissan will show concept 2020 vision Gran Turismo in a new color, already visited in September in Frankfurt Gripz and entertaining theatre for DayZ with a live screen, built in expectation of a new tribe, living under the motto «no hours without the Internet».

Firm, Nissan firmly took up the development of electric propulsion systems. Even the crumbs Kay-Karam in the new generation promised a pure electric production version. What can we say about the world leader in electric cars — hatchback Leaf (more than 180 000 copies sold worldwide as of June 2015). It should all the best of Nissan in this area.

Recently, the European branch of the company told about the bodice improved with enhanced traction battery. In Tokyo, the company will show far leaves in the Japanese version. The results of preliminary tests of the firm, the power reserve of such a sheet per charge in the Japanese series will be 280 km (now 228).

The current sheet model in various versions produced since 2010 and replacing it must be presented sometime in 2016. It turns out that in the fall of 2015 is the right time to attract the attention of the public the concept with the appearance similar to the appearance of future electric hatchback. As for the traction battery, then, we will remind, now the leaves has increased its capacity from 24 to 30 kWh, and the new generation is worth waiting for 48-50.

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