The study aims to determine if the ride-sharing service, putting more cars on the road

The study aims to determine if the ride-sharing service, putting more cars on the road
Исследование призвано определить, если поездка по обмену, услуги сдачи больше машин на дороге

Uber Driver in NYC

National defense resources city Council decision on the programme will study the impact of ride-sharing services on the environment, the group announced Friday. The study will be conducted with the University of California Berkley transportation sustainability research center, to determine which environmental impacts services such as lyft and uber on pollution and congestion.

” … Others wonder if these companies compete with public transport, substituting for walking and Cycling or, for example, add more cars on the road,” wrote Amanda Eaken, a researcher at the Council for the protection of natural resources, non-profit group of environmentalists.

Research should pay more attention to whether the ride-sharing services were putting more cars — not less — on the roads worldwide.

In June, new York mayor bill de Blasio dropped his plan to limit uber cars on the road, according to the new York times». Instead the city will study for four months whether the car-sharing service took away revenue from public transport Anda proper accounting of passengers with disabilities.

Eaken said faces , perhaps her group will thoroughly investigate companies  effect.

“We don’t fully understand what impact uber and lyft are having on our transportation system,” she said. “Some people assume that they allow people to live in cities without owning a car, which results in saving them money — the average cost for the machine is $9,000 per year — but we also know that when people don’t own cars, they drive less. No big surprise.

“There certainly could be environmental benefits from these companies. On the other hand, some believe that people use the app uber and lyft instead of walking, Biking, or transit. So there may be harmful effects.”

According to Eaken, the results will be published next autumn.

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