Ugly Sales So Far: January Was Unpleasant For Volkswagen

Ugly Sales So Far: January Was Unpleasant For Volkswagen
Уродливый Продаж Пока: Январь Был Неприятный Для Volkswagen

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We knew it was a failed€™t be easy for them. We knew it was gonna be worse before it became better. But you know, it would be this difficult for Volkswagen of America to sell cars, and you knew it would be this bad, this soon?

And things could get worse?

Volkswagen brand in the United States sales fell 15 percent in January 2016, the year of the loss of 3,425 units. With barely more than 20,000 sales, January 2016 sales fell to 60-month low. Not since January 2011, when Volkswagen sold only 18,401 cars in America, the company has created so little motor activity.

Of course, five years ago the market was much smaller. Volkswagen’s market share in January 2011 was respectable – for Volkswagen’s U.S. operations – 2.2 percent.

Five years later, Volkswagen’with a share of the industry’s volume shift is only 1.7 percent.

Only three years ago, Volkswagen has grabbed 3.1 percent of the market in January 2013. Three months later, however, a long decline began. In the period April 2013 to September 2014, sales of the concern Volkswagen is going to fall every month.

Those 18 months the fall had nothing to do with the inability legally to sell diesel cars. Generally, this accounted for nearly one-fifth of VW sales.

Month the scandal broke in September last year, Volkswagen sales rose by 0.6 percent. (Sort of.) even more modest growth of 0.2 percent in October, when the scandal was fully erupt, as was the incentives shot through the roof. by November, the free fall continues. Their sales dropped by 25%, loss of about 8,000 sales compared with November 2014. the last month of 2014, Volkswagen’s in the USA volume was down 9 percent. Compared with December 2012, when Volkswagen presented its best December results since the 1970s, the brand’s market share fell by 1.4 percentage points.


Back to the most recent results: the first month of 2016 was the lowest-volume January in the soon-to-be-terminated Eos’s history with only 123 sales. the beetle sales fell below 1,000 units for the first time since September 2011, the month in which the current generation Beetle was in the final phase of his starting sequence. «Volkswagen» pushed only 708 cars: 706 Golf and SportWagens two remaining Jetta SportWagens. That represents an improvement compared to January 2015, when Volkswagen approached the Jetta/Golf wagon transition, but not more than half the total achieved in January 2013.

January was the fifth four-digit sales month for Jetta for the past 67 months. Touareg sales fell to a 63-month low. For the third consecutive month, Volkswagen sold less than 4000 Passats. For three months the total period between November and January fell by 54 per cent.

In Golf’s 5 percent decline would almost be a bright light — Golf’s daily selling rate increased by 3% — if Golf was a significant player in the small car arena. But Golf’s compact car market share didn’t rise to 3 percent in January.

Similarly, the Tiguan continued to report better results. The greatly improved results, actually. January volume jumped 72%. But because the Tiguan the volume shot up to record levels in October and broke that record in December, the availability of discounted, obsolete Tiguans isn’t great. Moreover, even in his best months of the Tiguan remains an extra in the small SUV sector.

Not available in North America with a diesel engine in the first place, the surging Tiguan isn’t blame Volkswagen’s January a dilapidated condition. Rather, the brand’s top-selling cars that were recently sold in diesel form, just lost these diesel sales. Passat, Jetta sedan, GTI/R/E Golf, and wagons have collectively plunged 20 percent last month.

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