Wolff: Honda will emerge as a strong force F1

Wolff: Honda will emerge as a strong force F1
Вульф: Хонда будет складываться сильную силу F1

Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff has no doubt that Honda will make a success of his return to Formula 1, despite the Japanese manufacturer disappointing time last year.

Honda experienced a vague return to F1 in 2015 as he struggled with reliability and the lack of power from its new turbo V6 and a hybrid engine.

But making a conquest campaign, and a major upgrade of key elements of the power unit over the winter, Wolff believes that Honda is on course to deliver.

«Honda is a huge organization with lots of resources, and they were the unit with the most impressive development curve until 2015,» said Wolff in an interview with his Mercedes team YouTube channel.

«Even if it was a very difficult year for them, it was still very good that they reach the point of view of how they progressed throughout the season. I have no doubt that they will be competitive in the future.»

Wolff’s comments come despite a Mercedes engine chief Andy Cowell said last week that he was not convinced that Honda’s ‘size zero’ concept was the correct approach for the current position.

Estate step

And predict good things for Honda in the future, Woolf predicted the promising results for MERCEDES-powered estate team in 2016.

«The estate will take a big step up and not just because of the engine,» said Wolff, who helped secure the drive to Banbury-based team for MERCEDES young driver Pascal Wehrlein.

«There is a good group of people come together: bright individuals, with the right budget and the right attitude, and Pascal in the car.

«I have confidence that the car and the driver will have highlights and be a solid midfield Runner.»

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