Stare at the special models Volkswagen Caddy and Amarok

Stare at the special models Volkswagen Caddy and Amarok

Alexey Smirnov, 14 hours ago. Photo Drive and Volkswagen

We wanted to add to our commercial vehicles more emotion, say Volkswagen. Well, it worked!

With иний, orange, green… Looking for vans Volkswagen Cross Polo and pickup Volkswagen Amarok Canyon marked with special series, I got the feeling that journalists and buyers, criticized the manufacturing such brands as products for the excessive strictness and conservatism, has finally been heard by the German company. «Okay, » said guys in suits. — Like more individuality? Let’s do it!» And given the designers bright markers.

The reality was, of course not, and its appearance van Cross Caddy and pickup Amarok Canyon must first of all marketers company. Oh who-who, and these guys know what he wants buyer. Maybe improving the off-road abilities of their vehicles? Dudka! The man behind the wheel dreams that his car to point fingers. In other words, he wants to stand out from the crowd! And if so, the engineers may have a rest, but the designers, in contrast, work.

Cross Caddy is a plastic apron, diluted silver trim, large wheels and… standard clearance. To make changes in the technical part’t planned to, say engineers. This would substantially increase the cost of the special.

I mean, that and Cross Caddy, and Amarok Canyon technically exactly repeat the ordinary trucks and pickups Volkswagen. All insignia special series lies in the external styling and interior design. So, offroad image of van Cross Caddy form a new bumper, plastic lining on «wings» and thresholds, as well as wheel dimension 205/50 R17. Ground clearance? Remained unchanged, state Volkswagen: 146 mm at the front-wheel drive versions and 158 mm for all-wheel drive. How not changed, and a set of engines, transmissions and chassis. The only exception Volkswagen Cross Polo can only be короткобазным.

Even with bright fabric inserts ergonomically flawless beauty Cross Caddy still reminds office Cabinet. But now he’s not boring.

Front-wheel drive Cross Caddy with the 140-horsepower turbo and DSG rides on the road as a regular passenger car: acceleration convincing, transmission are changing rapidly and smoothly, on pits doesn’t shake. Rear suspension this version hangs on двухлистовых springs that are alternately or pair depending on the load. Now the machine is empty, and the smoothness of pleasant surprises: irregularities dissolve in the bowels of the suspension, without reaching the cabin, on the short wave asphalt back not козлит. Reminds you that you go on a delivery van, only the wind, завывающий in the area of the front struts.

Driving a mini-Cross Caddy with conventional suspension you experience strange sensations. If you believe my eyes, you control largest and highest car. And if your hands and feet usual легковушкой. The efforts of the management bodies and the responses here only slightly higher than the хэтчбеке.

Cross Caddy 4Motion on driving impressions looks more like a cargo van. Beam rear axle hooked up here on «cargo» однолистовых springs. Therefore, the uneven ground of comfort diminished. The shaking became more noticeable, if you hit a wheel in the ditch — a hard blow, and the serial irregularities back starts приплясывать, obeying energy unsprung mass. For the same reason have to be cautious in turns, although on the steering wheel that the usual all-wheel drive Cross Caddy enough to control the car. Yes and rolls almost there. However hustlers don’t strive.

Quattro thing is cool! Especially in Russia. But on conventional roads Cross Caddy with a makeweight 4Motion stumbles on pits and riding on speed bumps.

Revenge of моноприводного colleague Cross Caddy 4Motion could outside the asphalt, but such roads, the route includes not there. But at the exit of the highway we waited for the Volkswagen Amarok with a Canyon. Great title! Cowboy image is underlined in the special painting Copper Orange and black border wheel arches. On the feet of a pickup truck off-road vehicle obuvka: tyres 245/70 with developed grouser, stretched on a 17-inch wheels Roca original design. On the roof четырехствольная «chandelier». Cargo compartment covers sliding hardtop.

Next to the pickup Amarok Canyon where it is easier to present macho in a cowboy hat than the employed work of the farmer. Vehicle for active rounder?

Alas, timber-beam lighting system that works when you turn on the headlights, cover on the body and protective arcs — a cost option. Then that buyer receives Амарока in version Canyon? Dude beauty! Through a deliberately rough skin seat stretched orange keynote. He stretches forth the seat-belt and spreading circles on the front panel. Elegant, but it does need to be the owner of a pickup truck? But for the «toothy» bus thank you! Very soon it became clear that they determine the level of ability of the German pickup.

All changes salon special reduced to coloring «grey» interior Амарока thin orange strokes.

«Mechanics» or «automatic»? When buying Амарока most of our fellow citizens still believe that the utilitarian pickup must be controlled by the driver. But opponents of this axiom is enough. General account in a transmission confrontation 854:812 in favor of a mechanical gearbox (the results of sales from January to may 2013).

With 163-strong Амароком equipped with plug-wheel drive, and «mechanics», we already know — test this car in Moscow. And now I shake the potholes under the soft chirping of a top turbo-efficiency 180 forces. Controls the motor optional eight-step «automatic machine», and connecting the front axle center differential Torsen: drive in «my» Canyon permanent full. In fact, this Canyon for the lazy cowboy, as there is a rule one button: activate a single press of the function Off-road traction control and antilock braking systems and electronic differential lock begin to work for a specific algorithm. Know the press on gas.

Offroad tires reduced the smooth running of the pickup, but increased cross-country ability and level of the driver’s impunity. Watch what’s going on under the wheels of the Canyon, not necessarily.

Maybe because the head is not very involved in the process of driving, and climb into her all sorts of foul thoughts. What good is this Амарока? Well, except that merely decorative. Problems with the sale, most likely, will not occur, the more that the quota for Russia only 150 copies. But remember that absolutely stand out from the crowd succeed only if we add to the base truck Amarok Canyon all sorts of options.

Sellers still not decided on the exact value of Амарока in version Canyon: approximately 1 500 000 rubles for the basic version with the 140-horsepower engine. But the price tag on the Cross Caddy is known up to a penny from 956 900 rubles.

Passenger Cross Caddy seems more reasonable purchase. This is a great alternative for a family sedan or minivan precise response. What is more, this elegant outfit his driver is not likely to be adopted for the hired driver. But, unlike special Амарока, special model Caddy in branded showrooms appears. This car will be sold only by preliminary orders.

Passport data

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Cross Caddy
Body type pickup station wagon
Number of doors/places 4/5 5/5
Length, mm 5254 4428
Width, mm 1954 1794
Height, mm 1834 1856 (1885)*
Wheelbase, mm 3095 2681
Track front/rear mm 1647/1644 1539/1529
Curb weight, kg 1984 1561 (1651)
Full weight, kg 2820 2280
Area cargo platform, m2 2,52
Trunk volume, l 750-3030
Type turbo turbo
Location front, longitudinal front, transverse
No. and arrangement of cylinders 4, in a number of 4, in a number of
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1968 1968
Max. power, HP/rpm 180/4000 140/4200
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 420/1750-2250 320/1750-2500
Transmission automatic eight-speed robotic six-speed
Drive permanent full FWD (full-time)
Front suspension independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension dependent, spring полузависимая, spring (dependent, spring)
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes drum drum (disc)
Bus 245/70 R17 205/50 R17
Ground clearance, mm 230 146 (158)
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 179 186 (183)
The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h, with 10,9 10,6 (11,0)
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 10,1 6,8
country cycle 7,3 5,1
— combined 8,3 5,7
Norm toxicity Euro-5 Euro-5
Fuel tank capacity, l 80 60
Fuel diesel fuel diesel fuel
* In parentheses features for version Cross Caddy 4Motion.


Pickup Volkswagen Amarok is collected in the Argentinean Pacheco. In the basis of machine — spar frame with independent двухрычажными pendants front and continuous bridge suspended rear leaf springs. Choice of two — or a cabin, and two of the drive type: permanent full with Torsen limited slip differential, делящим time between the axles in the ratio 40:60, or classical scheme with a rigidly connected vamp, reduction gearing and optional locking rear differential.

Volkswagen Caddy built by «cart» hatchback Golf V sample 2003. McPherson front suspension based on all versions of the van, rear leaf spring, may vary depending on the load and the number of driving axles. The versions of 4Motion with the clutch fourth-generation Haldex is a continuous bridge (left photo), and моноприводные options are equipped with a simple полузависимой beam.

Behind the scenes

A short video of the truck Volkswagen Amarok Canyon and snow Alpine summer.

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